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High Availability Service missing


I accidentally installed the HA installer on primary server and then uninstalled it. After Uninstalling i lost the options "High availability deployment summary" and "High Availability settings" on web console. I also cannot find the HA service in "services.msc".

Is there a way to get this service back? 

Do i need to reinstall NPM or can i use any installation file in "C:\ProgramData\Solarwinds\Installers" that can enable this options back for me.

Please advice.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Are you able to navigate to http://yourorionserver/ui/ha/deployment/summary ?


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hi @tony.johnson 

I cannot navigate to the deployment summary page. The option does not exist in the web console setting page.

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Running the Configuration wizard should rebuild the website to its original state.

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I have run the configuration wizard and also restarted my server. But still no change.

I had uninstalled the High availability application from the "program and features" in control panel and i am not able to see these options after that.

I found below 2 file in "C:\ProgramData\Solarwinds\Installers". Will running any of these file help ??



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From what you're describing it sounds like you're missing the SolarWinds Administration Service. If you're not yet running the latest hotfix I would recommend installing it. That should repair your installation. 

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hi @aLTeReGo 

Administrative service is running. It is only HA service that is missing.

Right now i have only single primary server and running older version. I am trying to create HA server before upgrade. But i uninstalled "High availability" and "High Availability plugin" by mistake on primary server from the control panel. After that i do not see the option to create HA.

Is there a way i can reinstall these plugins and HA so i can see those options in web console again or can i create HA by downloading HA software from customer portal and running it on secondary server directly while HA service is still missing on primary server??



These are the 2 application i uninstalled. i got this screenshot from my test server




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Assuming you're running the latest version the MSI should be named HA-2019.4.0.2653-SolarWinds.HighAvailability.Installer.msi. Again, this is something which should repair itself by applying the latest hotfix to your environment.