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HA using VIP fallback.

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Hi all,

currently i am running using HA Orion backup for web server. currently module having is NPM + NCM with 4 additional poller.

we are facing issue because some of network device is unable to be polled using SNMP due to VIP address and poller ip inside main poller different and network device is using ACL to allow VIP ip address. but polling is coming from main poller ip.

please suggest the back way to solve this issue. since we have 2000 cisco device.

my plan is to run this guide : Change the IP address of your NPM server - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support  to change back VIP ip to main poller and run NCM to push confing to add all additional poller engine ip inside network devices.

please advice do i need to re run configuration wizard for all my Additional Poller Engine?

thanks all.. please please help..

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thank for the Information,

but once I done changing the ip address on orion main poller. do I need to run config manager for all additional poller just for confirmation. because previously ape is still looking at vip ip address right? and now it become orion main ip without ha and without vip ip address.

sorry for my dumb question. just trying to get overall clear picture. because it involve alot of device and teams

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The Additional Polling Engines use hostname resolution to contact the primary poller, so there should be no need to re-run the Configuration Wizard

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thank for the informatiin,

will try and update the findings

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