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Level 17

HA and ASA firewalls

wanted to see if anyone ran into this and knows what problem is.

I'm trying to implement HA on main engine, which is only system set up to poll firewalls and get traps.  IP is 200.

DGW is 254 and I want to keep 200 as source for polling, so change primary to 198, secondary 199 and VIP is 200.

Able to poll everything else, but ASAs ignore.

I'm told proxy-arp is not enabled.  MAC is same for 200 and 198 (when primary is active which it is off the bat).

Just had a thought to try enabling, then force failover to secondary to get different MAC...maybe I'll unmanage all but one pair and test that...

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Level 17

depends...not usually (to pollers anyway).  they are for their subnet.

the firewall btn oob and rest of network, that FW does have the DGW for the oob network

many on local subnet (out of band network) though.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Is the default gateway the ASA itself?

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