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HA Standby: is an Additional Polling Engine License Needed?

If our standby server does not have an APE license, how does Settings > All Settings > High Availability Deployment Summary identify it in the UI?

I've been told before that an APE license is NOT needed for a standby server so I'm just wanting to clarify this.

Manage HA pools - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

View the pool member type

In addition to polling metrics, individual pool members list a Server Type and an HA Run Type. Select a pool member to view the pool member type and other polling information.

  • The Server Type displays the type of Orion server, such as Additional or Main Polling Engine.
  • The HA Run Type indicates if the server is currently the active or standby server.
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Product Manager
Product Manager

An HA standby server only needs an HA license. It does not need anything else. It is there to provide redundancy to another, already licensed product. So if you want to make an APE highly available, all you need is your original APE license used on your existing APE server, and one HA license that is used on the standby server.

And bear in mind that APE license will be kind-a / virtually floating between the members of that APE-pool.

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