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THWACK Store Items & FAQ [Updated August, 2020]

[Latest Store Updates at the bottom of the page]


Welcome to the pride and joy of the THWACK team - our community-based store! Here, you can spend your hard-earned THWACK points on some amazing items. We're very excited to be able to give back to all who've helped us along the way with feedback, contributions, and your work with the SolarWinds teams. Below are just a sampling of the items available for purchase, and a little information on how the process works.

  • The THWACK Store can be found here, or by clicking the "STORE" portion of the THWACK navigation, above.
  • Need more ways to earn points? Click here to find out how.
  • Having issues with an order? You can contact us here at any time. We'll be sure to get back to you within 2-3 business days.




Frequently Asked Questions

I see my points total went down after my purchase, will the affect my leaderboard status or my badges?

No, the leaderboard does not take points into consideration and you will not lose your badges


Is the shipping cost covered?

Yes. There will be no cost to you.


What countries do you ship to?

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Germany are currently the only countries we ship to.


My points were deducted, but I don't live in any of the eligible countries for shipping. How can I get my points back?

Please email for assistance.


How soon will I receive my item?

After your order has been processed and shipped, you should receive your item within 7-10 business days. If an item is on backorder, you may not be notified automatically. You will receive your item, but it may take up to 30 days to restock the item.


How do I purchase an item from the store?

You'll be presented with a list of products you're able to purchase. After clicking the “add to Cart” a pop-up will appear to let you know the item is in your cart, if you want to add more things to your cart, just exit the pop-up and continue adding to your cart, if you’re ready to check out, click the “Checkout” button.



You can remove things from your cart in this pop up as well.



An icon in the header will show you the current number of items in your cart. Clicking this icon will also bring up the shopping cart dialog.



Clicking the Checkout Now button will transition the dialog to a form that allows you to fill in your address. Selecting the "Save this information for future orders" checkbox will make sure your address is pre-populated in the future.



Once finished, you click on the “Complete Order” button.

After clicking the Complete Order button, you will then be presented with an Order Complete dialog, explaining what happens next.



Until an order has been confirmed Received by our fulfillment vendor, you will see an order status icon in the header bar next to your login name. The number next to the icon indicates the number of open orders.



Clicking this icon will present an Order Status dialog that shows the fulfillment stage the order is in, along with a link to track the package it has already been shipped. You'll also note orders can be in three major stages: Order SubmittedOrder Processing, and Order Shipping



Questions?  Feel free to post a comment below.


Latest Stocking Updates!

Restock/New Item Date  Time in CT (approximate)  Items Stocked



Do you know when we will see restocked items in the Thwack Store.   The blanket is awesome, and my wife stole it, I need another.

I'm trying to get a SCP Voucher.  After adding it into the cart I get no pop-up window to continue.  Thinking it was an pop-up blocker issue, I have try different computers and browsers with no luck.  The cart icon at top of the page next to my picture is show showing the right number of cart items but when I try accessing:, the page going to the store only.  No cart.


Is anyone else getting the same thing?

Is there a way to get my tracking information?  I placed an order in March and just got in to my office for the first time since then and don't see my package(s)

@jeremymayfield I'm working on a restock right now, actually. We're waiting on everything to arrive so we can update the store, but we're replenishing out out of stock items, adding an oldie but goodie, and, if they arrive on time, adding one or two new products. 

I will update the page with the restock information as soon as I have stock in hand 🙂


@bootstraps we had a wee issue with the SCP vouchers for a hot minute but it was resolved midway through last week - were you able to get one?


@jtmarsh67 Did you receive any confirmation email? I'll take a look through our records and see if I can find your package.

I don't see any confirmation email from the order itself,  I did get your email stating that you were looking into the issue. Thanks for the quick response.  I am checking to see if it got delivered to a different building as we are currently closed and working from home. We closed down shortly after I put in the order. 

@yumdarling I did buy one, however I have not got the email that the confirmation email said I would get on next steps.

Also, May I buy 2 SCP and the current price.


Thank you

@jtmarsh67 I really ought to start learning handles + real names 🙂

I'll reply on that email chain regarding your order.


@bootstraps You can buy two at the current price - just be aware that they expire six months from date of purchase so don't forget to use them 🙂 

@yumdarling Does the current discount on SCP vouchers apply to the cash purchase as well or just the THWACK points?

@tigerr only points 😕

@yumdarling you might want to check your page settings/permissions.  I just noticed that I am able to edit some THWACK pages. 

I believe it is the section under "Getting Started"

@melonizame weird, I can't seem to replicate on my test account. Thanks for letting me know. If you get a chance, can you send the link where you see the edit option to me via DM?



@yumdarling wrote:


@tigerr only points 



I guess getting a Solarwinds certificate will have to wait for quite some time unless similar offers on those vouchers will be offered in the near future since I used all my points just a couple of weeks ago not knowing this would be offered. 😔 😅

@yumdarling sent you a DM.

You guys. There are dice now. 

Solarwinds Dice Set - Translucent500.jpg

Daddy's going SHOPPING!!!

@yumdarlingAAAAHHHH THANK YOU!!!  I finally got dice and charger!!!

I missed the charger (dang it!), but I got the dice! Now I can die in style! LOL

@yumdarlingI tried to Private message you about my order, but I am getting the following error 'You have reached the limit for number of private messages that you can send for now. Please try again later.' My order is Order #238759-1588332362202 wondering if there are an issues thanks

@mark.hockley Weird about the messages... I'll take a look - I'll also take a look at your order. I'll email you if I find anything interesting.

I love - LOVE - the Solarwinds D20 dice set.

I also discovered the delights of the "break my day" mugs. Because they have that awesome non-stick coating on the inside, they don't get coffee stained. So it gets used for coffee during the day - and beer at night. The perfect combination for a work from home world 🙂

Some comments on merch..

Dice - Received my set, they seem of high quality and will probably be swiped by my children in the next few days

Coasters - In case anyone was wondering, they are just 1/8" thick vinyl or some other flexible material. Great size for my mug, however my beer stein is ever so slightly too large to fit on the coaster. I think they are about 3.5" square, you know, the size of a 3.5" floppy. Which they are, floppy.. Not rigid. 🙂

20th Anniversary Blanket - The wife snatched this up immediately. It is very soft with a white poofy interior.


That's all I have to say today. Sorry, but no pictures to upload. 




Just got my dice today, as well as my Thwack Hammock.
Can't wait until we move because I have the perfect spot to put it up and relax in. 

My parcel is stuck in delivery since early May. I cant see any way to contact UPS via the webpage as I am in UK and they only deal with US queries

Who do I contact regarding a missing item from my shipment? 

According to the status via Thwack, the order hasn't shipped yet.  However, I received part of the order already.  The dice was not included.

Hi Team

Anyone got instructions or tips on how to best secure the hammock? I've never had one of this style, and I'm a little unsure how to securely proceed.


Hammock straps would probably get you off the ground. 🙂

Is there any plans for new items for July in the store?   Are the blankets coming back?

We need some new Tshirts added to the store.
Maybe have a Tshirt design contest. See how artistic some Thwackers are!

@yumdarling  I much prefer polos these days to T's - so any chance of getting more of them added, and also maybe offered in different colours?

Is there any plans for new items for August in the store?   Are the blankets coming back?


How long can it take to receive Thwack store items? I ordered something in May but it still shows "Processing".



any updates to stock? my speaker broke and need a new one 😞


and my kids stole my charger! So i want to order more...

and I agree with @jeremymayfield  - blanket is wicked cool and, of course, it was stolen by my wife as well!

Just received my D&D Dice - also wicked cool...

Are the JBL Wireless Over-the-Ears Headphones in the store noise-canceling?

@whitebd no, I don't believe they are. These look to be the JBL Live 500BT model

Is there a picture of the back of the men's jacket?  Does it have a hood (I prefer one without)?

is there a size guide for the zip up jackets?, who are they made by?

Well that didn't last long! 😂 The headphones are already out of stock. I'm curious, does anybody know why the Thwack store seems to be OOS so quickly? Is there a limit on how much they are able to keep in stock?

Thanks @ralexander I was hoping for noise canceling to get a set for my father but will wait to use points on something else.

Does anyone know when there will be more hats?

I got my women's zip up jacket.  it looks nothing like the picture.  It does not have a hood.  it does not have zipper pockets.  it has two side pockets but not one on the front.  The jacket is all a dark gray - it does not have black on the sleeves or white on the inside.  

I ordered some items back in April but I never received them. This is the tracking number 


Order #1441-1588086192653
3 item(s)
ORDERED 04/28/20


  • THWACK Backpack
  • SolarWinds Blue Argyle Socks
  • IT Kong Shirt (XL)

@yumdarling any ideas on this one. See my previous post


Hi @darragh.delaney 


Let me check on that for you! If I had to hazard a guess, I would say something was out of stock - I'm checking now.



@darragh.delaney - Looks like the shipment went missing somewhere 😞 We're resending the products while we try to figure out what happened 🙂

@yumdarling- Can you check mine aswell please? Think it's also gone missing 😞 Order #269438-1597060115861

Hey @liam20g 

I'll look into it today for sure!

Thanks for letting me know. 


Has anyone gotten the Men's Zip-up Jacket? It looks awesome. Want to make sure it is like the picture and that it fits as expected.

Also, is the Hat fitted?

Very nice influx of items, thanks @yumdarling!! Any word on incoming stock? 

@mark.dangelo I've had the jacket for a few years, but the one in the store looks a bit different.  Mine doesn't have a pocket near the top, just the 2 usual side pockets.  Mine has a hood as well, hard to tell if the one in the store has a hood.  I got an XL, my usual size for stuff and it fit like I expect.  Also, down the right sleeve of mine it says "The power to manage IT" in orange letters.

It's the perfect "I'm heading into the data center" jacket!

@xbod Thanks! I actually do have that one. I like it a lot. The new gray one in the store looks very nice, though.

I have the new one and the old one, its a very nice, not as thick as the older style one but looks better and has hood, its made by Fossa.

I usually get a large but got an XL as find some of the Solarwinds stuff a bit on the small side, but I needn't have think a large would have been fine.




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