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Getting Started: From Old Thwack to New Thwack

The attached PDF will help you with some helpful hints and screen shots of where content was in the old thwack and where they are located now in the new thwack.


How do we mark all posts as read so next time we login well only see posts since the last time we logged in?


This is currently not available.  We are working to get this functionality, I will update this thread should it become available.


This new software freaks out IE.  Flickers and flashes so much I have to reboot to get it to stop,  Chrome and Firefox don't seem to be affected.

to view your unread posts please navigate to Browse and click on the Discussions tab (or go here).  Posts that you have not read will be bold.  Unfortunately, there is no way to sort out your read posts at this time.  However, we are still looking into this.



Are you on IE10? 


Odd.  We will investigate.  Thank you for notifying us.


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