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Getting Started: Follow Content, People, or Places

Follow Content, People, or Places

Following content, people, or places keeps them in your periphery by filling your Followed Activity stream with their activity only.

If you want to add awareness of content, people, or places to your Activity stream, then you need to follow them so they show up in your Followed Activity stream. Following ensures you can separate out a stream of content you have personally selected: in your Activity, you can then toggle between All Activity and Followed to narrow down the stream.

You can start following content, people, or places whenever you browse to them or when you open a profile or overview page. Tip: Browse the content, people, or places that your co-worker or someone with similar interests follows by going to their profile.

To set up following so you see the activity that interests you:

  1. 1. Go to a piece of content, a person's profile, or a place. You can use the Browse menu or search. Tip: When you browse to a list of content or places, you can click the gear icon to the right of any item to follow it without clicking through to the item. This helps you quickly follow multiple items of interest.
  2. 2. Click the Follow button to the right. Follow should now say Following.
  3. 3. Check your Followed Activity stream to see updates about what and who you're following.
  4. 4. If you want to stop following activity, return to a followed person, place, or content item and click Following. The button will change to say Follow and you will no longer see updates about that activity in your Followed stream.

Shout Out to People, Places, and Things

Using @mention, you can alert people, places, and groups that you're talking about them. When you create or comment on content in your community, you have the ability to mention a person, place, document, or other piece of content.

This is a way to give a shout out to someone or something to catch their attention. You might say, "Way to go @Joey Ramone!" This notifies any person mentioned after the @ that you are talking about him or her. (Members of groups you mention will see an @mention in Followed Activity.)

When someone is @mentioned in a piece of content, a status update, or elsewhere, a notification of the activity flows into their Communications stream.  @mentioning doubles as a link picker in content or in status updates. For example, you can add links to a document or group by typing some of the words in the title after typing @.

You can even use both formats in the same status update, for example to announce "Joey Ramone and Johnny Ramone, check out my new document in the community"!

  1. 1. Type the "@" symbol (or click the "@" icon if it is available). A search dialog opens and suggests possible matches. To narrow matches, use an underscore (_) as a space. For example, @Mike_D would match the Mikes whose last name begins with "D." Your picker will include documents, discussions and places as well as people. Keep typing to narrow the choices further.
  2. 2. Select the correct match from the list. The new link shows up in your content.
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