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Getting Started: Find Stuff You Need

Find Stuff You Need

To find information effectively, use a combination of strategies including search, browsing, filtering, bookmarks, and the you-centric What Matters Activity pages.

You can make use of the following ways to keep track of, and find, everything that's important to you. And remember, as you lay down patterns, What Matters will send important and relevant information in your direction.

Tip: Browse the content, people, or places that your co-worker or someone with similar interests follows by going to their profile. This way you can quickly find things and people you should also follow.

Search for something specific:

Let Thwack finish your thought. With predictive searching, when you start typing in, Thwack returns the most closely related items found while searching everything in your community. You can pick from the list, or press Enter to get all matching results that can be further sorted to find what you need. After you press Enter, you'll have the option to refine your search to a specific space, project, group, or person. Direct messages and status updates are now searchable. You can also choose a search timeframe.

Browse for something more general:

From Browse, select what you want to browse: Content, People, Places, or Bookmarks. Once you get there, you can use the left navigation to narrow the results by how they relate to you: Did you write the content? Did you participate in the discussion? Did you create the bookmark? or Do you want to look at all content out there? Click Authored, Participated, Your, or All.

Filter what you're browsing:

Once you're browsing, you have even more sorting, filtering and key-word search options, including things like sort by date, filter by tags, or search specific text, which all help you find what you need as quickly as possible.


Using a bookmark and getting back to your bookmarked content has been streamlined to one click. From any piece of content, you can create a bookmark by clicking

  1. Bookmark. You can also browse through your own or other people's bookmarks when you click Browse. To find the content you've bookmarked, just click to the top right.


It's easier to find something you recently viewed. You can look at your browsing history by clicking to the top right.

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