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Getting Started: Creating Content

Creating Content

Choose a content type based on your collaborative goals. Click Create to draft a discussion, document, content exchange, or other type of content in the community.

For discussions and documents, you'll need to associate the new discussion or document with a space or group, for example, the discussion about Network Management  would probably go in the General Network Management or

Orion NPM space. Most collaborative activity takes place in discussions and documents.

Monitoring Your Content

You'll automatically track all content that you create, so you'll receive an update in your Communications stream whenever anyone responds to your content or, if it's a document, changes it. You can also delete any comments on your content, as well as remove the content entirely.

Participate in Content and Discussions

Comment on content or join a discussion to engage with other users in the community.

Collaboration is your main activity in Thwack. When you look around your community and discover documents and conversations, you'll want to take advantage of the opportunity to comment and collaborate.

Documents and discussions have different methods for generating collaboration, but they both provide opportunities for idea exchange. The following guidelines can help you get started with participating in discussions and documents:

• Commenting is as simple as clicking Add a Comment at the bottom of a document. In a discussion, click Reply. You can reply to an individual message in a thread or to the original question, but keep in mind that the discussion remains public. Everyone reading the thread can still see your responses.

• Documents have owners that control whether you can change the content of the document, comment on them, or even see them. You may be able to see documents that you don't have rights to comment on or participate in. If you think you should be able to comment on a document and you can't, you could contact the author and ask for rights.

• Discussions that have been marked as a question sometimes have helpful and correct answers indicated so you can see that the question has been answered usefully. You'll see stars next to answers that have been marked as correct or helpful, so you can avoid jumping to the end and posting an answer that's already there. Posting a correct or helpful answer can earn you reputation points in the community!

• If you can edit a document, you'll see Edit in the Actions menu on the upper right.

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