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Getting Started: Activity, Communications, and Actions

Activity, Communications, and Actions

Three different views of the information stream provide insight into key information from around the community.

Activity shows you the entire activity stream--unfiltered or filtered to only those people, places and things you follow.


Activity shows the full activity stream throughout the community, filtered the way you want it, including key content recommendations.

Your What Matters: Activity area is the best place to explore the range of what's happening in your community. When you select All Activity, you can see everything that's happening. If that's way too much information, you can filter down to see just Followed Activity (people, places, and things you've chosen to follow).

Use the following tips and tricks to get the most out of Activity:

• To see just personal updates, click Filter --> Only Status Updates. This is a great way to browse what the people in your community are up to right now.

• Followed Activity still too much? Leverage Matters Most for Jive Genius's smart take on the most important information in your followed stream

• To see the best of the best outside your stream, look for Recommended content at the top right of your Activity area.

Communications shows you replies, direct messages, @mentions, and shares, plus any items you pulled in via "Tracking" for special attention.


Your What Matters: Communications area shows the activity that's most you-centric--the information that's sent directly to you and has your name on it.

This automatically includes @mentions, replies to discussions you're participating in, content people share with you, and direct messages. It can also include any item in your Activity stream that you want to pay closer attention to--just click Track in Communications on any item you are viewing to make sure updates and replies to that item flow into your Communications area from now on.

Note: Depending on your email preferences, everything that flows into your Communications can result in an email notification. If you want to get even less email, use your email preferences to set everything in my Communications page to off. Then enable email notifications for individual items by clicking Receive email notifications for any content, place, or person.

Use the following tips and tricks to get the most out of Communications:

• Use the Filter menu to narrow your view to direct mentions, messages, or shares--or view only messages marked as unread.

• Manage your unread communications and follow ups using the read/unread toggle--that's the blue dot next to messages you haven't read yet.

• Get rid of any activity that no longer interests you by clicking Stop tracking at the top right of your Communications page. This banishes updates back to the main Activity stream: the current activity stays in your Communications, but no more updates will flow in. Want to get updates on that item back into Communications? Find the relevant activity using browsing or searching and click Track in Communications under Actions.

Actions calls out notifications, assigned tasks, and prompts to perform actions like approving group members or document revisions. You can filter each of these views to show only the items that interest you, and hide the items that don't.


The Actions area is focused on just what it sounds like: things you need to consider acting on. Action Alerts include administrative actions within Jive such as group membership approvals;

Notifications are system updates that may affect your working patterns in the community; Tasks are work items that have been assigned to you within the community task-tracking interface. For example, you might get an Action Alert if you need to approve a document or have a friend request from someone in the community.

Use the following quick tips to use Actions effectively:

• You can create tasks from the Tasks page, but you need to use the Create menu to add a project.

• To see your assigned tasks in chronological order, toggle to Flat View. Toggle to Grouped View to see subtasks filed under tasks. To filter them by project, use the Project filter.

• If you don't see any tasks, try selecting Include Completed.

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