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forward SNMP traps to External script for Evaluation and forwarding

We are currently running Orion version 10.1.1 sp1. I have some Cisco High capacity switches that we have set to forward SNMP traps to our Orion system. We are filtering the Interface UP/Down traps to specific devices and forward them to our Network services staff and Oncall. The problem is that there are only a handful of interfacese we are interested in. These are uplinks to our second data center and other main switches. They way we have it setup today we get every up down when the server teams reboot servers or dose maintenance on there systems. The Network group is not intereseted in these up/down messages.

My goal is to forward the traps to a script and have the description variable matched to a list if interesting interfaces. If a Match is made then forward the trap message to the Network group and the oncall person.

We have these key interfaces monitored today but we feel we can miss a short bounce of the interface should it appear between the 1 minute polling interval.

Any help getting this setup is greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance


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