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Alex Soul | Home Page

Home Page - Overview Summary

Hi All,

I have created this page to serve as an entry point to all my content. I just want everything to be organised and structured rather than scattered all over the Thwack. I could not figure out if something like this is possible via profile, whereby I can create sort-of landing page for all my content. Well, nothing is ever impossible... especially with SolarWinds.

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... you don't want to miss what's coming next.

I am on a mission to give back to this community my very best solutions that I have developed over the last few years, whilst helping organisations to achieve extraordinary results.

Event-6103 Series 1: A collection of custom widgets for KPI Summary Page


Event-6103 Series X: Sharing my love to everything else, besides SolarWinds




Thumb Up! & Happy SolarWinding!Thumb Up! & Happy SolarWinding!

With Gratitude, 
Alex Soul

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Series 1, Episode 3 is out now!

Alerts Trigger Rate by Weekday (daily)


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Bookmarked and following!  Thanks for sharing.  I noticed you're using Trello in the background task board is known as "the abyss" atm lol

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haha, that's cool name lol. It is not a background, it is actual app. I pretty much have it always-on on dedicated screen 🙂

I call my one "Hero"
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haha - I meant, background of the pic you posted.  We have too many tools right now for projects/work/documentation.  

Second KPI widget: 
Alerts Trigger Rate by Severity (hourly)

Enjoy 😉

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We will look forward to your forward to your next series of posts.


I trust that there will be some good THWACK Community collaboration to spur you o.