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looking for tool to configure cisco ACLs

Hi All,

I'm looking for a tool to make configuration of cisco ACL (Access-Lists) somewhat easier.

Is there any such tool available? Cisco ACL-Manager??? or NCM Network Configuration Manager???

If somebody can help with this issue, even any experiance with such a tool is highly wellcome...

best regards


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Level 15

We just introduced a new product which covers this: FSM, Firewall Security Manager, more here

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Level 14


SDM will now be replaced by Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP). A copy of the latest version CCP 2.1  is available for a free download from

There's a 14 min. video of it on that same site.


List of router platforms supported:

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Level 12

Hi oskar,

If your Cisco device supports SDM, you might want to try it out:



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unfortunately i.e. cisco 6500 does not support SDM as far as I could verify... but maybe I can create an ACL with SDM on a router and aply this ACL on cisco 6500. I will try this...

Even I will have a closer look at SW Engeneers Toolset.

Thanks a lot for your help so far!


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Also SolarWinds Engineer's Toolset has an ACL editor along with all the other tools.

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