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Which Solarwinds product would be best for this scenario

It's hard to figure out exactly what each product/package does and does not do, so I was hoping someone could suggest a product(s) that will help me accomplish the following in the most efficient way.

I have two primary buildings each with a core switch and about 30-40 additional switches mainly used for access ports but there are a dozen or so that also uplink to additional switches.

What I am hoping to accomplish:

1) Inventory of all active switches...

     I don't have SNMP turned on, so I'm OK with an IP address for the first pass.  Once I have that list I can go through and turn SNMP on.

2) Topology - i'd like to know which switches uplink to other switches, and on which ports

3) I'd like to be able to export a switchport / vlan mapping...   All of these switches are being replaced, so I'm hoping to build a list so that it's easier to create the configuration on the new switches

4) Configuration backups

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Level 12

NPM and NCM will do all of those things for you, but a simpler (and more manual) solution would be the Engineers Toolset. The Toolset's individual tools will allow you to do everything you want in separate steps (including the config backups if your switches are Cisco). If you want to automate the backups, then NCM is what you want. If you want monitoring and alerting in addition to your list, then you will need NPM. You seem more focused on inventory than monitoring so I would check out the Toolset.