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WANTED - Inventory/Asset management DB application

Can anyone recommend a good application like this:

An Inventory or Asset management Database application.

Must haves:

  • Customizable fields for entering any type of data
  • Searchable by any field or data, returning all info related to the objects found in the search
  • Easily import data via xls or csv.
  • Easily exportable search results (xls, http, xml, pdf)
  • Web GUI interface for managing and searching data

Nice to haves:

  • Integrate with other applications such as SAP, Veritas, config management, trouble ticketing systems, etc.
  • Built-in report writer & scheduler
  • SNMP polling capabilities
  • Ping/response capabilities

Inventory all devices connected to the network in a very detailed manner:

  1. Purchase price & Date
  2. Location - Country, City, Address, floor, rack, slot
  3. Power supply circuit info (Amps, Voltage, Circuit Number, UPS)
  4. Hardware specs - OS, IOS, Memory, CPU, Disk, RAM etc.
  5. Hardware/OS support team contact info
  6. Serial numbers & Vendor support contracts
  7. Applications installed
  8. Application support team contact info
  9. Network data run & switch port info
  10. IP address info for all interfaces
  11. End-to-end application service

Specifically here are some examples of uses:

The Customer renewal application just crashed:
Show me all devices (hardware) related to this application along with the support team info for each component (Network, DBA, WebAdmin, F5 admin, FW Admin, etc)

Budget forecast for next year:
Show me all the devices older than 5 years due for renewal

SOX/PCI compliance:
Show me all devices (Servers/Network) which have not been backed up in the past week.

Vendor contract management:
Show me all devices due for contract renewal for vendor '123' next year.

Electrical maintenance/outage scheduling:
Show me all the devices plugged into UPS 'xyz' or Panel 'G5' that could be affected by maintenance or a power outage.
Then show me all the application depending on these devices.

Chronic issues:
Show me all trouble tickets for application 'ABC' and the associated components (servers, switches, power etc.) for the past 30 days
Then show me all trouble tickets related to one of the specific component over the same 30 days.

IP Address usage:
Show me all the IP addresses associated with an application - end-2-end.
Show me all the applications associated with a sing IP address.
Show me all IP's assigned to a specific blade center/vm farm in a data center, and whether they are in use.
How many IP's do we have remaining in a subnet/vlan/dhcp pool?

The application should be designed from a DB perspective, with additional add-ons & functionality built around it.
This application would be the defacto source of all info relating to an Enterprise Network and Applications - the "Holy Grail" so to speak.
We have been wanting a tool like this for many years.

Solarwinds has many of these components, but AFAIK, has no way to report on all these in a single DB in an easily searchable manner.
Short of hiring someone to create a custom DB (Crystal Reports?), is there any out-of-the-box software that can do most of these things?

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Apologies, I realize this post is ancient...I was just curious what solution to ended up with?


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Hi, Did you get an answer to your question?

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