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The engineering behind SolarWinds

I am trying to locate information on how the front end of SolarWinds NPM interacts with the SQL database part of SolarWinds.  I find information about all of the products and their bells and whistles, but I am trying to understand how the pieces are put together so to speak.

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Also Orion web console is written in .Net to interact with both SQL data and SWIS API data. While some have made custom resources in .Net, I prefer to use the Custom Query resource and SWQL. So far where I've needed a custom view of data and been fine with only an icon and links its worked like a charm.

Feel free to duplicate copy your resources out of inetpub/Orion and open them in notepad to see how Orion works.

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Orion is a State engine.

The database holds the information or state of an object (server, switch, router, interfaces, application, etc.)

The monitors go out and query the state of that object and update the objects state in the data on a regular polling interval.

This gives a semi real time snapshot view or state of your enterprise.

Alerts query the database looking for specific state conditions of select groups of objects and generates alerts and other actions based on those states and how the alert actions are defined.

They also set another state condition (normal, critical, warning, up, down, etc.) based on the previous query.

Hopefully this gives a simple 90000 foot overview of what happens behind the scenes...please ignore the engineer behind the curtain, he's not the engineer you are looking for.

  Thanks so much for the explanation.  That helps a lot!!!! 

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The NPM admin guide gives a general breakdown of how all of the pieces come together to perform monitoring.

Page 31 in the pdf, or page 9 using the guides page info gives

Not sure it gives you everything you are looking for, but it is a start.

Jeff, thank you.  I'll take a look.

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