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SolarWinds and Cisco C800

Hi All,

Got a bunch of Cisco C800's which does not show any hardware status. it's coming up as 'undefined'.

Is there anything special I have to do on SolarWinds, or even on the Cisco boxes, to collect hardware status

Looking forward to any response


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Hi there,

Try to edit the node, scroll down to Hardware Health Polling, set the Preferred Cisco MIB to CISCO-ENVMON-MIB and submit the change.

Wait 10 minutes to see if it helped any.

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Hi Arani,

I reported the same issue to support last year, we have deployed about 180+ of these routers when i started noticing it. in my support case I explained that NPM seems to be hit of miss in collecting the stats from the routers, some would populate and others not. case id 881149.

here is what my last messages in my support ticket there is a work around and it is known issue.

Hello Ashley,

It's actually about the sensors. When no sensors is reported by device, you won't get also no information about model and service tag. This is default flow for now as sensors is the main purpose of hardware health - model or service tag are just additional information.
I'll do include a feature request so that can be an enhancement on upcoming releases. Development is already aware of this.
Please let me know if this helps or if you require further assistance.


Hi Dexter,

I know the below will provided the information being polled form devices that is missing.

However it seems strange that some of the devices (which are the same software and model) are being polled correctly from NPM, could this be something to be reported as a possible bug within Solarwinds?


Hello Ashley,

I'm following up on this case. During replication development got the same results for the c800's to display the same information.

The device contains so sensors which we normally collect which in the end shows Undefined status on the web. The model and service tag are polled and collected during poll but there is logic which stores basically nothing in case there are no sensors.

So getting information with hardware health poller seems no way to go. There is alternative of setting 2 custom pollers (UnDP) and showing data with custom query resource.

Here are steps:

1. create custom poller (tabular) for OID and named for example "entPhysicalSerialNum". For labels please use value from table column "entPhysicalClass". The next steps will depend on it.

2. create custom poller (tabular) for OID and named for example "entPhysicalModelName". For labels please use value from table column "entPhysicalClass". The next steps will depend on it.

3. Add to node detail page resource called "Custom Query"

4. Edit the added resource and fill Custom SWQL query with following statement:

SELECT Property, Value FROM


    CASE tab.CustomPollerAssignment.CustomPoller.UniqueName

      WHEN 'entPhysicalModelName' THEN 'Model'

      WHEN 'entPhysicalSerialNum' THEN 'ServiceTag'

      ELSE 'Unknown'


    as Property,

    tab.Status as Value

  FROM Orion.NPM.CustomPollerStatusOnNodeTabular tab

  WHERE NodeID = ${NodeID} AND RowLabel = 3)

WHERE Property <> 'Unknown'

Notice the WHERE statement ... RowLabel = 3 ... The number 3 represents row with info about chassis used also by hwh poller. This ensures that you will get correct information.

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Level 9

Do you see any hardware sensors if you do an snmp walk to a C800?

Hi there,

Yes I do see the normal hardware sensor but right now they are coming up and Status - Undefined

Here is a link to the supported MIBs on the C800 from Cisco. <a href="">Link</a>

I have an 871 that seems to have the same issue.  I'll let you know what I find.

Tried looking in the following OIDs:

ciscoHealthMonitorMIB   = ""

ciscoEntityDiagMIB = ""

ciscoL2DevMonMIB = ""

From what I can tell the C800 may not support hardware health MIBs.

Here is another tool I found that shows the supported MIBs by the IOS file loaded to the device.

Cisco SNMP Object Navigator

Hi, I have a Cisco 887VaWAK9 and image of c800-universalk9-mz.SPA.152-4.M4.bin. It says in the Cisco SNMP Object Navigator that it supports the CISCO-ENVMON-MIB but I am still unable to get the herdware stats of this this router. Does this mean that my router does not support the MIB that allows to get hardware health status?


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Thank you very so much for the guidance.