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SolarWinds License Manager

After upgrading NPM and most of the modules to newer versions, some of the modules were triggering a "Your Maintenance Has Expired..." in the portal. Each individual module has a tool in the Start->Progams menu that sounds like it would do the trick, such as "Application Performance Monitor Licensing", but alas these tools only display the current license and don't tell you how to change it.

Some posts on Thwack indicated that I needed to use the License Manager tool to "Upgrade" the licenses. I think I was successful, but the tool seems to remember older versions and their associated older maintenance expiration dates. I tried to "deactivate" and "upgrade" these older entries to make them go away, but neither option is successful.

Requests for the product team who owns the License Manager:

  • Provide the ability to remove older versions (or even better do it automatically)
  • Allow us to sort columns by clicking on the Licensed Product or Maintenance Expiration date columns
  • Allow the columns to be resized. The Maintenance Expiration column clips off the year in several cases (dates in June display okay, but dates in December have the last two digits clipped off). You can click/hover over a date to see it, but you should be able to just drag the bar between the columns to resize.
  • Provide a way to force the update of the portal information. Even after License Manager showed me the new end dates for the 3 modules, the portal kept warning about them and showing them as expired.


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Jeff, ever year you are given a new license in the customer portal. If you are getting the "Your Maintenance Has Expired ..." message then more than likely you simply haven't updated the license from your portal.


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Mav - The next day when I checked the alerts were gone. The suggestions above would go a long way toward improving the process.


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