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Screen spliters

Okay boss got me a nice 52" plasma display, so he can see what I am doing from across the room. Problem is I only want to display snippet's of various websites. So I want to see the top 10 node response times( Orion), a network map (Orion), e-mail stats ( spam Firewall), packet shaping and timing results etc....... We have several sources of info all web based, but I need to bring them into one monitor space.

Does anybody know of a program that will let me take websites and take the snippets and display them with out all the IE bars, and other junk I wish not to see. It would also be helpful if it could rotate or move these items to avoid burn in if, but thats just wishing.
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Level 7

 I'm doing the same type of setup. Windows XP power toys will get you 4 virtual desktops and the ability to setup a rotation schedule (every 10 sec.) and switch screens or you can tile the desktops. There are other products out there that will do the same thing with more desktops. has one that will do 9 desktops.

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