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How to monitor SolarWinds Server with Network/SAN Outage?

Hi, recently we had SAN network outage which we were not notified since SolarWinds database was down (server was up but SolarWinds, Exchange and Vcenter databases reside on SAN).  Currently, we have PageGate which didn't help in this case since SolarWinds server was pingable (SolarWinds and PageGate are installed on the same server).  We are looking for solutions to achieve following scenarios:

1-      Total Power Outage: Solution is PageNote monitor which can be installed on a workstation connecting to modem and alert when SolarWinds server is absent

2-      SAN Outage (SolarWinds and Vcenter servers are up but databases are not accessible) – Need to find Solution for SolarWinds server website being down with “Exception” search string.  I have tested this scenario with Dev SolarWinds which it’s a VM server but if SAN is down, VM cannot connect to database since it resides on SAN. Therefore not sending notification since also Exchange is down.

I am looking for application only for above scenarios and not too expensive.  I appreciate any thoughts and feedback.

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Hostmon is cheap and will run on anything outside the lan, office, and has several methods for alerting other than email.

Advanced Network Monitor (HostMonitor)

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Great! Thank you so much sevier.toby While I will look into it, would you mind give me a little more details in referenced to scenario I provided in this request?

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That is the problem with the way server farms are now.  We also had an issue that the SAN crashed, and we did not get a single page. I feel your pain - but we got kinda lucky - My solution was to build a new server - in my case, I had a Cisco C210 (2x Xeon, 4core cpu, 48 gig ram, 1TB hdd) server that was just decommisioned. Its running vmware 5.5, so i have 1 vm for OrionNPM, and another for my SQL database. This standalone - no SAN connectivity. If the SAN or VM Farm dies, i will get get notified. I use Notepager to actually hit an analog pager/beeper (yes, a bit old school, but its reliable) since Email would depend on the SAN/VM environment. Also works if my internet dies.

As for a software only solution - perhaps you can run the ip monitor tool or something from the toolkit on a desktop that has Notepager or something else to "page" you, but have it monitor the Orion SQL database or somthing?  cheaper than my options, but we already had the server inhouse.

Good luck to you.

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Thank you dclick for your response and sharing your idea.  I'm still looking for some cheap solftware solution for our environment and hopefully someone out there will give me a hint!

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