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HA Setup and Scheduled Tasks

If we have an HA setup of Solarwinds, including our APE's and one of the APE's has a scheduled task configured for a recurring maintenance, then do we also need to seprately create that same schedule on its HA box?

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Have you guy's got this working with the VIP DNS?

We got it working on the main active poller, but it does not seem to work if we use the DNS for the VIP for HA.

Just curious...



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No problem,

So as long as the task is pointing to either DNS name or VIP of the server then you should be ok.

TBH i don't use the utility and borrowed a rather nice PowerShell based utility and run it on a separate server to the pollers, we do a large amount of automation and reporting so having a separate server for all these things made sense. there a number of different versions on THWACK so find one that works best for you and do the same that way you have all the flexibility (we hook into our CMDB to check certain attributes before unmanaging/remanaging).

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Is the task an Solarwinds task?  i just looked on a couple of my APE's and don't see anything specific to Solarwinds.

If it's not then you shouldn't need to do anything with the HA boxes as all the work is done by the active node using information from the database.

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The task is set on the server. However, you create a file that Solarwinds undertsands using the "unschedule task".

I'm probably over complicating this and I think I'm asnwering my own question, in a roundabout way. If an APE has a failover, then I imagine the windows task will need to be set on each box inteh failover pair, but when I tried that on the standby box, I got an erorr which I don't recall now what that was.

I think I'll raise a case to get this clarified.

Thanks for your time.

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Sorry - I should have been clearer.

This is using the "Unmanage Scheduling" kludge for non-standard schedules. If you've not used it, then essentially you fire up this tool, pick your node, etc and set your paremters such as length of non-management and then save it. You then have to create a windows scheduled task that uses this saved file to trigger the relevant action in Solarwinds.

As I type all this I realise that whilst the Solarwinds functionality should fail across the windows side probably won't....!

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