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Level 9

Finding rogue devices

I recently had a vendor install their own router on my network. How can I use Solarwinds to catch those devices quickly?

I have NPM, NTA and SAM.

What questions should I be putting to my network engineers to ensure they are keeping my network safe and secure from such devices?

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Level 8

Not immediately sure how SolarWinds would help, however from a network perspective, if a network drop in an office space is not occupied I recommend disabling/shutting the port.  Makes for a little extra work when someone needs to use it but prevents random vendor y from connecting his router to your network and potentially sending rogue DHCP leases to your users.

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Level 15

Integrate with AD to access the Orion is good.
enable a right to access the devices to know qdo there was some configuration alteration.
Make warnings about memory consumption and CPU.

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