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Custom HTML

Our company uses RSA enVision to monitor threats on our network.  We can access the information over the web, but we are wanting to implement it into Solarwinds.  I know you can use the custom html to display information on a page.  The only problem is you have to be logged in for the information to display.  Is there any way to have a credentials tab like on the config page, so you can store you information and it will load without problems?


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Level 13

Ok here is what You can try  . 

1. Create an external website. 

Login to Orion website> Settings > External Website . 

URL: (whatever your rsa login page is ) 


 ( You can add server name instead of ip if you have resolved this)

  now this will open in Orion website and you can save the password in cash if required. 

and keep the Orion website logo and tool bar in browser. 

let me know if this helped. 

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Thanks, I went the route of using the external website.  The only problem I have now is we have the RSA stuff on a different server.  I still login with my credentials, but i get an error because of the j_security check that is being run on the login form. 

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