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Level 7

Connection is reset by remote site

Dear support,

I faced some errors on TFTP which I found the below errors on the TFTP log file.

"Transmit error while sending to The connection is reset by remote site."

Is the errors are caused by network virus ?

Please advise.

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Level 8

how big are the files... I have found that the Solarwinds TFTP tool has a file size maximum limit.... if you get to this size then the connection resets...

If the file is larger than 30m or so then you will have to use another tftp tool....

Hopefully Solarwinds will rewrite their tool cos I cannot use it to upgrade any of my new 6509's or 3845's as the firmware images are just too big for the tools stack to cope with...

Martin J. Hamilton... lost in a sea of snmp...
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Level 7

I am using TFTP to send some XML files down to stand-alone processor from my PC. The TFTP activity window shows the XML files being sent to the processor board, but then I get a message "Transmit error while sending to connection is reset by the remote side". This happens for all three XML files that I want to send down to the processor board. I then read the three XML files back from the processor board into my PC and they are correct. So, it appears that I am able to write the XML files down to the processor board even though the TFTP activity window indicates an error. What does this message mean? Could this problem be caused by the type of network interface card (NIC) I am using... i.e. Would the error message show up with one kind of card and not with a different card? I eagerly await your response!

Paul George
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