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Level 19

Congratulations to Jeremy Morrill - Thwack's #1 Contributor!

Jeremy (aLTeRGo)  is now the top thwack contributor, as well as one of the smartest, hardworking dudes I've ever met. Hey , Boss. Give him a raise!

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Level 11

congrats, give him a cake on the next lab episode.

Level 10

Well done and thanks for all the contributions!

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Level 14

It's not a surprise to me. He cares, he puts it out there, he responds to requests for help.  He's a rock star product manager.

He lives in a castle!!!

Level 20

We all new this day was coming Andy...  I'm sure you'll be still going up too.

Andy and aLTeReGo are neck and neck!!!

A while ago I was still close with you guys but alas... more projects, more work, has unfortunately meant less thwack :^{

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Level 14

I totally want to see aLTeReGo's house, I bet he has all sorts of custom Thwack store swag with that many points

I'm just waiting for DanielleH to add a Thwack pool table to the Thwack Store, then I'm cashing in!

aLTeReGo​, your wish has been granted


Even on a good year, its going to take me so long to get there, I am nearly 90,000 points away...  

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Level 16


aLTeReGo always has the answer!

whatever happened to "the stig"?

I'm waiting for the obligatory "Should aLTeReGo get a raise?" Thwack poll.

here you go Jeremy,

us Jeremy's need to stick together!

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Well done! See you soon.

Level 15


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Level 15

Big deal.

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You're a harsh man

I should learn how to spam better so that I can get closer to the top

Hrrrrrmmmph.  Yeah, congrats...

Hey..don't worry Bronx.   I mean you are only like 24% behind Altergo in points.  <snicker>

I'll get there one year!

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Yeah, he has done a lot for SAM.

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