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Level 9

Alert from Solarwinds Server

Most nights, we get about 50-70 "Alert from SolarWinds Server" messages emailed out at approx. 3:45am.

The details say that various servers are 'Down', then we get the message saying each server is 'UP'

We've looked at the logs from our switches and firewalls and can't see what is causing these messages.

We have NTM, SAM and NTA installed.

Is there something within one of these applications that triggers alerts automatically each night?

I'm at a loss for what is causing these emails each day.

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Level 13

This more looks like temporary network swinging. If you don't have, I would suggest you to build the dependencies (manually or you can try automatic as well)  between the servers in relation to the polling engine (e.g. You know, that server A, B and C went down, but the servers B, C have the server A on the way to the Polling engine, so B and C will be the dependency childs). The dependency should then cause, that if the dependency parent goes down and the children will be unpingable as well, those will go to the Unreachable state. This will hopefuly help you  to figure out which network element was the swinging one (ideally when dependencies are built correctly, this will be the only one who went down).

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