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After changing Admin password all Backups of Cisco Devices Failing

I am a complete newbie to Solar Winds and Orion. Our team was required to change default and blank passwords recently and since then, none of our device setting backups are working for Cisco devices. The error message is: "ERROR: Cannot download Running config : Connection Refused by XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX".

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I assume you are using NCM for config backups.   It sounds like if you change the "global username/password", then NCM will be able to authenticate successfully and download the configurations.

If you are on NCM 7.1, you can change this by going to "NCM Settings" -> "Global Device Defaults".  There you can change the username/passwords, enable, and transfer protocol type.  Keep in mind this are the "global" values, and they can be changed on an individual basis by editing the nodes (if needed).

If you are below NCM 7.1, then the above settings are found on the Orion Server.  Start "solarwinds network configuration manager", then click on "inventory -> inventory settings -> Global Maco Settings".  Here you can make the global username/password changes to match your new credentials, and transfer protocol.

Zak Kahl


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Enable session tracing as well to see what exactly is failing under Settings --> NCM Settings --> Advanced --> Enable Session Tracing.    This will provide you a log of all communication between NCM and the device, You should see the problem in the log file on the NCM server and be able to use that to resolve the issue

**Remember to turn it off after you have finished troubleshooting as it will cause extra load on your server

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