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Level 8

Adding UPS node

I have APC smartUPS in all my access closets and I wanted to know if they can be monitored here.  I triad it but it came back failed,  is it something I have to enable on the UPS itself? 

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Level 12

Although NPM can check the UPS via SNMP (using universal pollers) as long as it has a network management card with SNMP properly configured, I prefer to primarily use the UPS network card itself to do the email alerting - it emails everything instantly rather than with a delay via NPM polling. Alerting via received SNMP traps is very awkward to get working comprehensively for all the types of alerts that the UPS might send out.

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I have the alerts set up, what I want to do is monitor the hardware really.  I want to know temp and all that, we have them being monitored with statseeker now.

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Level 14

The APC UPS systems will need to be network enabled, or have the SNMP module card installed in order to monitor the UPS device. You will need to enable SNMP within the device, otherwise you will only have ICMP only up/down status.