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Writing Challenge Day 3: Pet Peeves: Home Office Edition


Many of us choose to share our lives with them. I, myself, have three! Let me introduce you to them:


Ben is the latest addition to the family. We rescued him as an unsold and abused eight-month-old puppy last October. He’s responded well to our care and is my reliable partner on our daily walks. Everyone loves him, and doesn’t he know it!

Next, we have Lola. She came to us from a family member who found her son was allergic to cats... despite having two other cats. Yeah, I think she had just taken in one too many! Like Ben, she came to us young, less than a year old. Despite that, she is the boss, and while she’s had her nose put out a little by Ben’s affections (he doesn’t seem to understand why she doesn’t want to play with him), she still holds the high ground with impunity. Her desire to nap in random places, like the middle of our autumn wreath in her picture above, is the main topic of this little piece, so read on!

Last, but by no means least, we have Tinkerbell, or Tink as we know her (unless she’s being naughty, which is often—don’t let that picture fool you). She was my mother’s dog, and when Mum passed away four years ago, we took her in, as my father found her too painful a reminder of his wife of 39 years. She came to us after Lola, and before Ben came along, she was very much the bottom of the pile. Now she hides behind Ben, relishing in her newfound furry shield!

With the introductions over, allow me to continue, dear reader!

As we all know, 2020 has been an extremely challenging year. This is an understatement, of course! However, I’m luckier than most. As the principal consultant for Silverback Systems Services Ltd (or Silverback Systems, as it’s more commonly known), I do most of my work from my home office. Here I am, showing off my THWACKcamp™ 2020 love earlier this month:


The enterprise monitoring arena has, if anything, become even busier this year, with companies scrambling to get a handle on how their office or data centre-based infrastructure is coping with so many of us working from home and nobody onsite to look after it!

So, for me, my work life hasn’t changed. In fact, we’ve had our most successful year! But working from home has its challenges. Sometimes, these challenges can become annoying—they can become our pet peeves, as it were! One furry companion causes me more consternation than the others. Can you guess which one?

Lola enjoys sleeping in random places. Like most cats, if she fits, she sits. Her favourite places have changed since Ben joined the family. His exuberant attention means she can no longer sleep in places where he can nuzzle her (he’s pushed her off the back of the sofa with his nose a few times—he doesn’t know how big he is), so she’s been looking for safer havens.

Unfortunately, she’s chosen the gap beneath my screens as her new favourite spot. Now, this wouldn’t be a problem if she simply lay down and slept. But she doesn’t.

She’ll sit there. In front of whatever I’m working on. If I reach out to move her, she thinks I’m playing, so she flops onto the desk, knocking whatever happens to be on it all over the place. My phone, my wireless mouse, my coffee… You name it, she’s either knocked it over or off of the desk! And the hair! OMG the HAIR! I feel some kinship with Anakin Skywalker, as it gets EVERYWHERE!

Then, when I’m moving the cursor between screens and she notices, she’ll sit up AND WATCH IT! She doesn’t try to attack it, just moves and gets her head and nose RIGHT WHERE I’M TRYING TO CLICK! I have to physically get up and look around her to do my work sometimes!

By the end of a workday, I must have picked her up a dozen times and moved her into the kitchen. There, she has other lofty perches from which to gaze down in triumph at Ben while he whines, not understanding why the small fluffy thing doesn’t want to play…

When it’s all said and done, it’s hard to stay cross at her. No damage has been done, she hasn’t knocked over a full cup of coffee (YET!), and my phone (and mouse) have survived the trips off the desk they’ve suffered at her affectionate flailing! And, let’s face it, when she’s dozing (and not in the way), she is adorable:



@silverbacksays  - Awesome 🙂 

I love pets, especially the puppies are just amazing and fun to be with. When my dog died a part of me was not ready to accept the fact that i lost a friend so dear, post which i refrained myself from having one again, I literally grew up with him - 13 long years hmm. We use to sprint, swim, walk, talk lol - lot of memories. It is kinda nice to have a friend who listens all time and doesn't respond back to you in the language you understand hehe. In fact i made a lot of walking buddies because of him. I can hang out with pets for hours 🙂

I just love your post 🙂

Level 12

My Pandora is a Czechoslovakian Shepard, my best friend, always laying, sitting, sleeping, and working with me by my side for the past 12-1/2 yrs. I have been working from home since March and our bond has become even closer. My love for her grows every day. I don’t know how I will ever manage without her. My only pet peeve is my normal working day ends at 4pm and if I am still online finishing up, she climbs under my desk and closes the keyboard pull out with my fingers still inside of it and then pushes by chair back away from the desk. When I look down at her she has a big, goofy smile on her face.  She can tell time and when she decides the day is over, it is over.

But you can’t but love her anyways.  

Level 14

It's been three years since I had to put my cat and buddy Oreo down. He would crawl up on my desk and then slowly try to lift my fingers away from the keyboard because he wanted to be petted. Most times he would just walk in front of my line of vision and stand there, looking for attention. If I was working from home and dinner time came, he would hop on the desk, head butt me and then start to whine until he was fed..... He was always able to get his point across... 

No plans to get another pet at this point, but I do miss the amusing attention he demanded. 

Level 11

I have 2 cats, Bobbi and Maui, both of which want to be in my lap for part of the day and when they are in my lap they demand that I pet them.  They don't understand work hours.  When I get up and leave my desk, no matter how quick, I return to find Bobbi laying on my keyboard.  

Level 18


Tova was the great white ground cloud, and she had the habit of walking up to strangers, sitting and stare up at them with soulful, kohl-rimmed eyes, and (just as they were crooning about how polite, how regal, how ladylike she was) would burp right in their face.




Macaroni was a grumpy old man trapped in a fat cat's body, who loathed leaving the warm bed where we lay to visit the litter box in the basement, and would scream at us non stop when this journey was necessary. And I mean NON-STOP - I've never heard of another cat that could pee and howl simultaneously.

Both are gone now, having padded off this mortal coil and across the rainbow bridge where all pets go to play and wait to be re-united with their humans. But their quirks and foibles, along with their more endearing habits, as well as their unconditional love, remain fixed in our family's memory.

At the moment, our home is not graced with the patter of four-footed fur kids, and given the isolation of the last 10 months, there are moments I find myself missing the warm-bodied, cold-nosed, drooly, smelly, flatulent companionship. But I recognize that memory plays tricks, even the memory of "perfect" pets. As with anybody who becomes family, their behavior which, in retrospect, was beloved, didn't start out that way.

If I'm being honest, I didn't appreciate some of Tova and Macaroni's behaviors at first. I tried to change them, only later learning to live with them, and later still to accept them as a fact of life. Over time I began to embrace, and even celebrate these things which made them unique.

As with so many things, this lesson we learned from our pets could teach us about the world we're in now, too.

Level 9

My biggest peeve by far is the local yard cleanup... Whether it's vacuuming leaves or cutting grass during a conference call... 


We have a pair a large dogs. A Great Dane and a Mastiff.

So we I'm sitting at my desk, the great dane's head is at the same height as mine. She will walk up to me while I'm in a video call and folks just see this long nose coming into view from the side.

To try diffuse the interruption I try to remember I can use the old chestnut - "What? Has Billy fallen down the well again!"


I feel your pain Jez, it looks like you have your hands full.

My house is similar. If it isn't a rabbit at the door...


Its a cat on my desk.
Or a cat and child on my back.
Animals keep us authentic and real. Give us perspective.

Level 10

@silverbacksays I love your post!! I *love* dogs, and in all honestly have had to stop looking/following local rescues and shelters because our home would be a zoo.

We adopted Blaze when he was 8months - he had been found with his other siblings on the side of a road in North Carolina, and his crooked ears totally won me over. Blaze's stay with us was meant to be a trial but as soon as I scooped him from the vet (cone and all) I knew he wasn't going anywhere. 

I am crazy about my dog, but working from home with him has been interesting, to say the least. Despite being a lab/boxer mix, he is pretty stinking lazy....until about 3:30pm. That's Blaze's witching hour. It comes down to "walk me - feed me - or I'll bark" - usually it's a combination of the three! He's a very vocal dog, having full-blown conversations with myself and my husband, and the ultimate "protekker" who regularly asserts his position when the UPS man comes to our door. 

Blazedog has gotten totally spoiled having his people home full time, getting regular walks, car rides, and generally a taste of what we're having for lunch. He may drive me bonkers on video calls when he opts to "speak" but I'm so happy to have had this derp by my side through this year.   

Community Manager
Community Manager

It's been the better part of 7 years since I've been in Texas and since moving here, I haven't had a pet.  When I first moved here, I was in an apartment and really didn't know how this whole SolarWinds thing would pan out.  Since that time, I've moved into a rental home and am still wondering how this SolarWinds thing will pan out some days. 😜

My parents have had dogs since I was in high school.  The two furry faces were Kirby and Katie.

From left to right: Kirby Sparenberg, Katie SparenbergFrom left to right: Kirby Sparenberg, Katie Sparenberg


They each lived to a ripe old age for West Highland White Terriers, but they sadly passed a few years ago.  Then this year, my parents called me to tell me that I had a new sister.  Now I'm in my 40's and my parents are ages commensurate with mine, so that meant a new canine was in their lives.  We got in a quick video chat and they introduced me to Dixie Belle.

Dixie Belle Sparenberg all tuckered outDixie Belle Sparenberg all tuckered out

This year, I got to spend most of September with my parents and the new pup because @MrsSigma and I just had to escape our four walls for a while.  It was great to meet up with the new addition and I did enjoy having someone on my intellectual level to speak to when the conversation invariably turned to politics or current affairs.

I think there is definitely a place carved out in our future for Canis lupus familiaris but it's not in the immediate future.

We have a rescue cat who was traumatized by previous owners. How do I know? She is terrified of me when I am standing. But when I am sitting or lying down she treats me completely differently. She shows me no affection whatsoever however, and I have had cats my entire life. But my 9yo whirling dervish of a son who bounces off a wall, makes all sorts of loud movements and herky jerky movements... she just sits there and watches him. Every night she crawls into bed with him to sleep and every morning she lies with him until he wakes up.

If only she knew who paid the bills... durn cat!

Community Manager
Community Manager

If we nix the obvious "pet" part of pet peeves - those of you who are sharing a work from home situation with your significant other (not to mention tiny humans), what was the hardest thing about learning to stay productive?  Asking for everyone who has dealt with this at one time or another, now or in the future.

About a year ago I had the conversation with my wife that she has been in my life longer then my cat Princess.  I still miss that cat.  Princess was a Persian looking cat that had the mannerisms of a person.  Once a bug crossed the floor and she looked at it and then at me with an expression like, "Not acceptable!  Hey, what are you going to do about this?!?!".    

@silverbacksays My wife is a dog person and I am a cat person so we agreed not to have pets.  I know...some dogs are really nice but I really want an indoor cat.  Lola, Tink and Ben make a great team.

@mcam I laughed at your old chestnut.  "What? Has Billy fallen down the well again!"

@acmtix A rabbit at the  We have medium sized raptor birds in this area that would be an issue for a rabbit or small dog.  Cara Cara and Red Tailed Hawks patrol the sky's.  A few weeks ago I saw a Cara Cara fly off with a small snake and a Red Tailed hawk pluck a dove from the air next to my car while at a red light.

@lbeavs  My wife does have a Grand Dog that is part of her sons family.  It is also named Blaze!

We do have some local animals, but I would not call them pets.


Level 13

This is Ahsoka.


She has been a challenge for me this year. She came home from the shelter with us in January, and has a sweet but completely mischievous personality. Looking at her you wouldn't think she could cause me as much frustration as she has this year. For the first 4 months or so, she didn't bark at all and I mistakenly thought she would be a quite dog....let me tell you, when she decides to bark it is loud, proud, and continuous. She has taught me a new level of patience as she systematically destroys my house. You may remember that I mentioned that she ate a hole in my first THWACKcamp shirt, but that is not the most destruction she has caused. There is a 3 foot long hole in my living room carpet, a fist-sized hole in the drywall in my entryway, chewed bits on several base boards, window sills, and table/chair legs, and my fiber cable earlier this year...yikes. 

And yet.... all she wants to do is love, be loved, and play. She's not intentionally destructive, and I can't stay angry with her for long. We have both learned so much this year to be sure. One day I hope she will not destroy so much, and I can comfortably make reparations without them being immediately destroyed again.


@Radioteacher that is an amazing photograph! Beautiful animal.

@KMSigma luckily I have my own dedicated outdoor work space. If I had been stuck in the house trying to work I couldn't have carried on working. Its nice to be able to pop in for a coffee and know that my laptop is safe away from childrens fingers.

Keeping motivated and having to keep working while everyone else is stuck at home on the "furlough" scheme has been a really difficult task. My mental health has definitely suffered but luckily I have a great team who I work with and that keeps me motivated.

Level 8

We adopted both of our dogs at older ages. Jake (big guy on left) was 7 months and totally afraid of any human (he's 9 now). It took 6 months before he would lay with my husband and relax. We adopted Boomer when he was about 2.5 years old. While Boomer likes people, he doesn't like sudden moves, so it took us a while to get him over his anxiety (he's 5.5 now). But, now, while they are both very very special with their quirks, they have been the best big brothers to our kids. And, constantly try to get to me to leave my desk to snuggle daily. IMG_5135.JPG

Quarantine and work from home has led to me taking over what we called the "dog room" as my office. Our front room basically only housed their giant dog crates. For the first few months, I would be working and they would still come in and go into their crates for hours each day. I couldn't believe they weren't taking advantage of the couch! But, as I've added office furniture to make it more cozy, Jake has assumed his role of my slacker office assistant. He shows up to his chair at the early hour of 10am and snoozes there until lunch. He clearly has the cat mentality of "if it fits, I sits."


The craziest, and honestly hardest part of the year, was one morning in October we woke up and Jake just wasn't himself. I took him to our regular vet at 9am, and by 9:35am we were at the emergency animal hospital dealing with a ruptured tumor that had been bleeding into his abdomen through the night. They told us there was an 80% chance of it being cancer and they they had to remove the mass and his spleen. We went through the surgery and 4 nights at the animal hospital (which we couldn't go into and see him because of COVID-19 protocols). We got him home and waited the longest 10 days ever to get the results back about the type of cancer and what the treatment plan would be (at best we were looking at an additional 6 months with him). But, because 2020 has jokes, the surgeon called us exactly two weeks after his original surgery to tell us he fell into the 20% and he DID NOT have any evidence of cancer. WHAT?! Needless to say he is still getting spoiled...  


This is my constant companion in the work from home life. I have to constantly make sure not to roll my chair back on to her tail. She has lots of room on the floor but loves to be right next to my chair! One of Alba Ama Tutti's pet peeves is when the treat tin is empty. I have to get up and god to another part of the house to fill it up and that takes way too long. She is my 3rd dog and my wife's probably 100th! I exaggerate of course, but she has had them herself and trained dogs for others for a long time. At one point we were going to start a business called Pre-paired Pups. Where we would do all the training for you and then hand the dog over to you. We had one young golden, named Bailey, who trained with her. The owners said that when Bailey went to their house their older dog, of many years, started behaving the same way. The old dog saw all the attention and lets face it treats, Bailey was getting and decided he wanted in on that gig too. Old dogs can learn new tricks!

Alba guards the entrance to my officeAlba guards the entrance to my office

My constant companion in WFHMy constant companion in WFH

Alba as a puppy - 7+ years agoAlba as a puppy - 7+ years ago

Santa [me pre-beard] and AlbaSanta [me pre-beard] and Alba

Our vist to the Fire show at the MN Ren Faire in 2019Our vist to the Fire show at the MN Ren Faire in 2019

Alba likes to be read tom at least that is what we tell our Great NiecesAlba likes to be read tom at least that is what we tell our Great Nieces

@tomiannelli Alba looks a lot like Ben, when his hair has grown out a little 🙂

Pets are a  hot topic, because they seem to be in a majority of homes.  I have only rescue animals. Two dogs, three cats, and they allow me in their office to work each day.   



They are fond the the Meraki Wireless AP.  It puts out heat which they always lay near.  


I know the fun and games that comes with a cat jumping on your lap, walking in front of screen, sending that email you were STILL writing as they hop across to the window ledge. My cat is too old to be chasing a cursor around a screen, so I get some entertainment, so I have to make do with seeing his head move slightly as I move the cursor from one screen to the other. It does of course cross my mind as to what he thinks at that point; "OMG it was there, then it appeared on that shiny think next my friend next door (Black cat) is probably responsible" or just cat level ambivalence. Yes, I know it is the latter, but cat thoughts have been a struggle to understand for centuries.


Level 8


I had no plans to get a pet, but it's remarkable how much living alone in a pandemic will shift your thinking.

I was a member of the mass horde that signed up to foster a dog in the early COVID months, and that's how this delightful geriatric creature entered my home. The shelter had named him Dog Dog, but such a name felt like an affront to his dignity. I started calling him Leonard. 

Leonard had already lived many lives before meeting me, and in one of them he sustained a gunshot wound. It left him with a lingering infection in his front left leg that meant he needed to become a 3 legged Leonard.

This medical detail did not change the fact that a mere two weeks after we were formally introduced, I made things official and adopted Leonard as he had already hobbled into my heart. 

In his role as WFH executive assistant, Leonard ensures that I wake up on time, go outside, and take breaks from the omnipresent screens. He is an excellent coworker and I'm lucky to have him.

Level 11

I love being around four-legged furry friends. My allergies, however, strongly disagree. We tried to host a friend's dog overnight once. For the sake of being able to breathe, we won't be doing that again anytime soon. So, the only fuzz therapy I get is when I run into a dog with its human outside who wants to play. Usually, that's a non-issue in my neighborhood. Now, there's "Oy Corona", and leashes aren't long enough for social distancing. I'm in withdrawal.

Level 9

I am highly allergic to all things four-legged and furry. And I haven't finished mourning Mr. Fish (he died three years ago, and yes, that was his real name).

Frollo Batman Fish, aka Mr. FishFrollo Batman Fish, aka Mr. Fish

So, no pets over here. However, my neighbors all have dogs. Sometimes they bark so loud that when I'm muted in meetings, Teams will ask me if I'm trying to say something. 

Edited to include a picture of Mr. Fish.

Level 11

My dog has tried a few times to get on camera while in a call but she is more of a cat anyways and sleeps most of the day. My heartache comes from the humans in the house. Even though it has 8 months they still think I am not doing anything. Middle of writing an email, this post or working through a detailed excel document they just start talking and expect me to stop immediately and listen. The problem lies with the small apartment we have. I am on the dining room table working and can't escape to my own room.


Ah yes, I have 3 at home right now.  Two of my own and a third I babysit often.   By often I mean probably 9 of the last 12 weeks I've babysat her off and on.    Shanti is her name


This is her behind me in my office.   Then there is Angel, my girl that I actually had to unwrap her from her placenta and revive her during a c-section birth!  She's about to turn 13 now and has been with me nearly non-stop.


And finally Xander, who I adopted when I moved to NM about 9 years ago.   This is him on a hike up near Angel Fire, NM for his 10th earlier this year.  I know at least one person out there who knows where this is! 


I love my pets, but working at home with them does introduce a number of issues.   Like right now two of them are snoring behind me, loud enough that it will cause issues on a webex!   And when talking about noise, my boy Xander will rarely let a dog walk by, or a person for that matter, without sounding an alarm!  Which of course brings the others running.  Not only does that have me nearly hovering over the mute button if I'm talking, but can scare me to death if he all of a sudden erupts with noise!   He definitely has skills in that regard.

Not to mention his olfactory related skills!   Yesterday I was doing some training for a group of people and his delicate digestive tract let loose an odor that nearly made me gag!    The slightest thing wrong that he eats will set off this process, and of course he's the one on walks that will try and eat all sorts of stuff.   Some people are amazed that if I see him snatch up something I will put my hand in his mouth and wrestle it out while he growls angrily.   I have to be very diligent to try and anticipate what will attract him, which can be anything from a road-kill snake, to a napkin, to an odd collection of fur or hair.   Quite often, even though I'm quick, I am not quick enough and it gets swallowed whole before I have a chance.   The days following Halloween are a bit concerning because if he gets ahold of lots of chocolate, it could be deadly, and not just in the olfactory sense!!

Then there are their demands, my girl Angel will patiently sit there and paw at me for long periods of time waiting me to get her what she wants.   Usually that's filling the water bowl, or a treat, or attention or something, but there have been many, many occasions where I have simply been mystified after giving her everything I can imagine.  Of course they usually choose to do this when I'm in a teleconference, or the middle of working on something.

Scheduling walks can be challenging, when its hot out going before work is an easy one, but as it gets colder trying to fit walks in while the sun is out, or before dark can be difficult with teleconferences and such.

Would I give it up?   No way, especially now, their company is grounding.   Being forced out of the office and losing that interaction would be horrible without them.  So even though I have quite a few Pet peeves, their simple presence and ability to eliminate stress is critical.   Not to mention motivating me to get out and walk them keeps my cardiologist happy too, and me.   Without them I might totally forget to take breaks.   They definitely make me a better person, especially in times like these...

Unfortunately, pets haven't been part of my life for nearly twenty years--coinciding to when we had children.  You may be entertained by the idea--I was against having children.  I was the baby in my own family, and a late-bloomer in that my father was 47 when I was born.  They didn't expect another child after my two sisters came along ten years earlier, so apparently "protection" wasn't part of the deal, and thus "the bonus baby" arrived.

47 years difference was too much, in that my father didn't have energy to play ball with me or do active things.  However, he gave me experience with farm animals and pets, as well as with hunting wild game and fishing, and a wonderful education in all things meteorological, geological, mammal, insect, bird, reptile, amphibian, and plants.

I grew up raising chickens, wild ducks (Mallards), dogs, cats, and geese.  Plus all of the wild critters around our country farm (pocket gophers, fox squirrels, both red and gray squirrels, ring-necked pheasants, ruffed grouse, wild turkeys, red foxes, white-tailed deer, and the many species of birds and insects native to Minnesota.

So, after a dozen years with my wife, when she said "it's time to start a family" I was in shock.  Rather than capitulating, I bought her a puppy.  Surely she'd see how much work a little one required, how expensive it would be to own, and the damage to property that comes along with a dog.  That was our Siberian Husky, who ended up being a great companion, and proving to be an intelligent friend.  She could understand over a hundred hand and spoken commands, and she epitomized the classic "good dog."

But after a number of years my wife said "Well, the dog was good training.  Now we're starting a family".  And no amount of whining on my part would change her mind, so I gave in to the inevitable, and when our Husky passed away, we already had a boy & a girl to raise.  They took our time, and gave us great challenges--and great satisfaction.  Both graduated from college, and one has already completed a masters and a Ph.D. (in Theoretical Particle Physics no less!).

With the kids out of the house, it may be time to search for a pet to keep me company, since employment opportunities doing 100% remote Solarwinds and network support are seemingly few.  I don't want to retire yet, but if I do retire, it'll be easier with a pet to train & share life with.  Sadly it can't be a cat--I dearly love cats, but my wife remains strongly allergic to them.  So a hypo-allergenic canine may be on the order.

This was our "family" around 1990.  If you want a smart pet that needs a lot of mental stimulation, training, and companionship, who will lick a burglar to death instead of bite them or run them off, who sheds a LOT of hair year-round, a Siberian Husky might be for you!


Level 11

Cat here, ginger tom named Boris.  Mainly because he looks like the UK Prime Minister.  But also because I think he meows with a Russian accent.

Level 10

I have no pets, but my son has a large praying mantis that he caught outside the front door of our house. It has it's own cage and doesn't bother anyone.

My "peeves" are three boys aged 3, 7, and 10. A wild and noisy bunch. My wife also watches two other boys (ages 2 and 6) during the day.That's a lot of kids in one fairly small house especially on a rainy day when they can't go outside.

If you've never lived in a house full of boys, just imagine living with a daily home invasion. The invaders don't take anything, they just come in and vandalize the whole house on a daily basis. The nightly cleanup takes at least an hour.

The noise was often loud enough that I had to lock my door and wear my headset to tune it out. I love my boys, they are amazing, but I'm very glad to be working in the office again.

I am always amazed by my wife and her ability to watch, teach, and care for that brood of hellions on a daily basis without going mad.



Level 16

I always have taken my dog along whenever possible when I went anywhere in the car. When I was going into the office every day he was used to being left at home for awhile but now since I'm working from home he usually gets to go along whenever I go out. As a matter of fact he expects it now and on the occasions he can't go along I can see he is irritated when I leave. 

For the most part he's a quiet dog and doesn't bark so having him in my office all day is a nice thing. He has a routine, usually joining me around 10am. Spending the mid day with me and then late afternoon off for a nap on his normal bed. 


Level 10

We have a large ginger maine coon cat who loves nothing better than to walk along the windowsill and whip you with her tail about 100 times per day. Some days the door remains close with her safely on the other side 😂

Level 12

Spouse: "You're the one that is home all day, why didn't you do (insert chore or project here)."

Level 8

3 labradors that split their time between my home office, my wife's home office, and guarding the house from the front room.


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Worked at 2 different regional ISP's as Network Engineer, worked with products ranging from Livingston Portmasters to Bay Routers and began working with Cisco equipment. Worked at Robert Bosch LLC (Auto parts, dishwashers, power tools, etc) as "Senior Network Analyst" as part of team dealing with all LAN and WAN related issues.  Evolved into mainly Security / Design / Datacenter related tasks near the end. Worked as a contractor for the NNSA as a Network Engineer through two different contractors (CNSI and T&T).  Tasks involve designing new core network, DMZ and other security related issues for the Albuquerque Service Center. Worked as a sales rep for Universal Understanding selling Sandia National Laboratories their Cisco products. Worked for Genesis Healthcare working on their VPN systems and managing their extensive Solarwinds deployment. I now am a Network Professional IV at Los Alamos National Labs.