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Writing Challenge Day 2: Show Us Your Office Space

After over 20 years with the same company, I changed jobs. I started a new job in February 2020, and in early March, the new company moved the majority of the people out of the office. So like many others, I went to work at the house.

At the house, there was an issue. I was in my wife’s way…all day. By the end of the week we were both cranky. So, I needed a place to work that’s not in the house.

Flashback to 2002

Almost 20 years ago my wife and I moved into our current home. Not having a place for my pursuits, I used my skills learned in the construction trades to make a place in the backyard.



Knowing I have lots of stuff, I built it with a nine-foot-high ceiling. The primary work table is an eight-foot-long solid core door that I can stand on to get to the higher shelves. I found some heavy-duty shelving in a dumpster driving home one day…and filled my SUV with all I could grab.

When finished, I filled it with my hobbies and stuff. In this building, I can build/repair many vintages of guitar, radio, and electronic equipment.

Back in 2020
The building is a mess but it’s made a really nice home office. It’s outside the home and has an internet Ethernet connection, plus it is fully insulated, heated, and air conditioned.

Let’s discuss the work area. I have two 27-inch 4K monitors, a repaired Cherry keyboard connected to my work laptop, and dock. I did buy a new chair to be all-day comfortable. The best part is that I’m out of the house. So, I can get up and go to work. Happy wife, happy life.

The stuff in front of me.

The Sun Microsystems keyboard and mouse were salvaged from a trash can; the Yaesu FT-450D HF radio and Icom ID4100 DStar VHF-UHF radio were both won this year in radio club raffles. I admit I’m lucky and blessed.

Yes, that is a Novell Intranetware Clock and a Pignose guitar amp. The old Radio Shack receiver was my Elmer’s (Elmer is an amateur radio term for a mentor) who is SK (Silent Key). He passed away in 2000.

There’s a guitar in the building I use to test effect pedals I build from bare boards using the finest components I can buy.

There’s test gear here for vacuum tube, solid state, and computer-era equipment. Yep, I can even simulate a phone network to test old POTS phone equipment. There are vacuum tube testers and spare tubes in here. The thermometer in the room is part of an industry controller I used in the 1990s to keep a radio transmitter stable. Repurpose, recycle, and reuse is really a geek credo.



The rack on my left started out as a 21-inch-wide rack. I cut it down to 17-inch-wide rack. It also came from a trash pile.

In the rack from the bottom up is a 50 Amp 12-volt power supply, an HP 331A analyzer, a mixer, a Samson power audio amplifier, a Heathkit IM Distortion analyzer, a Heathkit Harmonic Distortion analyzer, A Pioneer RT-707 reel-to-reel tape recorder, a tripplite switch console, a DVD Player, a VCR, a HD Audio AM/FM receiver, and a Heathkit FM Stereo Generator. Next to the rack I have two oscilloscopes, an isolated Variac, Heathkit Tri-Power supply, a Heathkit FM Deviation meter, and an old clock radio.

On my right I have a large tall tool box filled with many specialized tools.



Some equipment I’ve had for a very long time, like the Elecraft K2 I built from a kit in 2000, and others are current.

Soon, I’ll be moving out of this home office. My wife and I are building a new house that will be ready next year. My office will be in the front of the house on the right. My radio room will be in the back of the center garage.

Change is constant in IT. Roll with it!


Paul (@Radioteacher on Twitter)

P.S. The patching and configuration work will continue until security improves.


@Radioteacher - it truly is cool 🙂 

Well this is the very first time in my carrier that i have been working from home for so long and i have a very simple home office space, just a table && a chair which tags along with it and that's it 🙂

I miss my coffee breaks at office (they were truly refreshing, you meet a lot of people always something new to hear wow those were the days) and now i hardly have coffee lol

But then your home office looks really cool - nice writeup.


This looks great! I wonder how many of us have our own little outside space that is so vital to our work? I've got some catching up to do with sheer amount of technical kit though...

Level 18

On zoom, everybody lies. And on WebEx, RingCentral, teams, and Google hangouts (or whatever it’s called this week). You know it. I know it. We’ve all seen the evidence: a pristine bookshelf background from this angle, complete baby toy bedlam from the other. Or outfits saying “management material” above the belt, but crying “couch potato” from the waist down.

I’m not accusing anyone of deceitfulness or even prevarication. I’m acknowledging our innate urge to show things (and ourselves) in their best light.

But “the best light” isn’t always best. Sometimes “this is who I am today” is the most powerful thing we can share.

Today I’d like to be a positive role model, showing my workspace in all its come-as-you-are honesty. I think it says this about me:

My office isn’t neat, because I’m not. But It’s not dirty either. Everything is everywhere and “floor” is another term for “the biggest shelf in the room.” Like me, it’s functional. It’s familiar. The truth is if it was clean and pristine, I’d have problems getting anything done. We—my office and me—are unpretentious. Scattered. Filled with an eclectic range of topics, information, and interests. At least, it’s what I think it says. I’ll let you be the judge:



Level 10

I'm back at work now, but my home office was much less impressive. My office was dug out of the storage/spare room.

I have a desk that I built with my dad over 20 years ago. It is an inch thick slab of finished plywood about 5 feet wide and 2 feet deep. The support on one side is a beat up metal filing cabinet. On the other side is a wood cabinet door I picked up somewhere and mounted to the top with shelf brackets. It is a fairly unique desk, but works great.

On the desk I had a riser that I won from Thwack (never thought I would actually have a use for it). I had an old TV as a second monitor for my work issued laptop as well as a salvaged Dell keyboard and mouse. I used my PS4 headset for Teams meetings. My desk chair was in the house when we moved in and we just never got rid of it.

The rest of the room was filled with storage and spare things that we had no immediate use for. It was messy and a bit crowded, but it worked well. I did have to lock the door sometimes to keep the kids out though. (My three year old crashed one of my Teams meetings and said hi to all of my colleagues. It was amusing, but not productive.)

Level 14

@Radioteacher   Looks good! Good luck on the new house!

My wife and I manage to stay in different orbits. She stayed on main floor (and painted every room I might add).

I was relegated to the basement. In fact, when Covid-19 hit I was forced to build some 40-50 laptops for remote use over a weekend..... in my basement on my work bench.



Next... I moved my office in the family room... on the other side of the wall in the basement. (a little too much temptation!)




Now I have a table in a spare bedroom...( Solarwinds swag of course!)




Level 9

It took my brain a long time to reconcile having my creative space become my work space. I'm still not terribly happy about it. But the time I once spent commuting I can now spend creatively, so I think it evens out.


The box my laptop is on is full of miscellaneous sewing notions. I can make a "standing desk" if I pull out and start stacking the rest of my boxes of notions. 

Having my sewing machine at my knees is certainly tempting! I typically do some work on my latest projects during my lunch breaks.

Level 11

I live in a rural area and have an open concept living room that flows into the dinning room with windows on 3 side of the house.  I have set up a desk on sliders in this area and move it around to give me the view I want.  I love watching all the wild life, the different plant life and the season changes, and hilarious worker - There has been much activity with gas lines and then fiber lines being put in down my road and a pond and a house being put in a field next to me.  

I recently upgraded to a quad monitor setup on my power stand up desk.    I am ok with it.   Now i just need to get all the monitors to match.  I have 2 27" MSI curved on the bottom with 2 24 inch ASUS normal monitors on top all powered by a Dell laptop.  Semi Ergo chair which helps me through the day.  


20201130_093605.jpgMonitorsMonitorsOutside my WindowOutside my Window

Level 13

I will share my mess. I already worked from home pre-pandemic, so I am pretty settled in and had already invested in a sit/stand desk and have gone through numerous chairs. I share my office space with my crafting/sewing space where I create my son's costumes and whatever else strikes me as well as with my old gaming rig which my son uses as his own. My desk operates both as my workstation and as my personal gaming space (I share my peripherals betwixt the two) in order to optimize my use of space. I abhor silence, so a typical day finds me running Youtube or just playing music on my gaming rig while I work. Oddly, I find silence far more distracting. Like Leon, I will not be opening the closet in there to show you that mess on another level....It is full of my books, backpacks, random spare parts, and currently hiding Christmas gifts. 🙂 That lovely curtain hides my mess when I want to be professional.





    PS... Don't worry, I am not sharing anything useful or incriminating on those screens. 😉

When I started 2020 I'd no idea my living room would become WFH Command Central, but it turned out working from home--supporting a hospital network and remotely managing 65,000 IP addresses across three states and over a hundred hospitals, clinics, office buildings, and warehouses--was efficient.  


COVID-19 WFH Base StationCOVID-19 WFH Base Station

Solarwinds truly lends itself to remote management, and with only 10 Mb/s down and 756K up, NAM over AOVPN let me get the job done and keep the lights on for employees and patients!




Compound Mobile CommandCompound Mobile Command

When vacation calls, but work still needs attention, a hot spot and ATT let me take the show on the road.  Having my cake and eating it too!



Mobile Office 1Mobile Office 1

My wife and I were able to remotely support our Minnesota businesses from Tennessee this year.




Mobile Office 2Mobile Office 2

And when on-call, a hot spot & a laptop were all I needed to troubleshoot & diagnose & correct issues remotely from Mobile Command 2, thanks to Solarwinds.

Level 9

the benefit of working remote is the ability to work anywhere within Wifi, for me at least.  I've spent "work days" at family and friends houses, coffee shops, and AirBnB's.  Granted I'm a manager now so my  technical requirements have dropped to "Need to make/see pretty pictures and spreadsheets" so that has helped in the flexibility for sure.

Level 9

Man, do I need to step up my remote office game!! I'm back at the office now but when I was at home it was a basic monitor on a folding table in the corner of the bedroom next to the window.  Great Job!!! 

@adatole I am freaking out....we have the same SUN keyboard!  I also have the matching USB mouse.  I pulled my keyboard and mouse out of the trash when they sent the Sun Fire V880 for destruction.  

It works great with my tablet PC since it adds two USB ports to the computer.

Nice office!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Don't encourage him @Radioteacher !

Community Manager
Community Manager

In honor of Leon sharing his office as a video - here is mine.

Level 11

I started with my little Lenovo Yoga and 13" screen with a USB C monitor and yet another 13" screen, but hey this will only be a few months. A few months into this and my eye sight just going horrible I went back to the office for some equipment. Took my standing desk and two 19" monitors home. Now I have three monitors with my laptop as one of them. I just hope this is the future and I can stay home. Really don't want to bring it back into the office.

During the summer I spent a month at my family's beach house at the Delaware shore. My "office" was in the garage surrounded by cinderblock and exposed insulation in the ceiling. I would get flack on every video call. No one could see my view however. It was spectacular and so relaxing. It is my happy place. My home office isn't bad. It's a large room that is also the home entertainment room and kid's play area. 


Either office beats the work office by a country mile. I hope I never have to go back.

Level 16

The home office is a mixed bag for me. I miss going to work and seeing my co-workers and being able to go out to lunch with them and hang out on Friday nights after work. As I was already working from home half the time I already had a nice office, desk, etc. setup so there wasn't much adjustment in the workspace itself however there were many positives that came out of working home full time. Instead of getting up, getting ready for work and then driving there I go outside with the dog in the morning for a 45 minute walk. Instead of eating out I began eating healthy lunches at home. As a result I lost 25 pounds without even realizing it. During lunch time now I go outside and take a walk, work in the garden, or even go fishing. My dog has a bed next to my desk and he's perfectly happy to snore and make all sorts of noises any time I'm on a conference call 🙂 And when the day is done I just turn the computer off and walk outside. No fighting traffic to get home. My employer has also become way more flexible with people working remote, even out of state so if your lucky to own a second home or want to travel that's also acceptable now. 

Level 12

My office is so cluttered up with everything I had to remove from my office I can barely move in my home office. I surprised they didn't have me take the whole network with me. 🙂 I need an addition on my house to store it all. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@desr - if you've got a few spare switches, firewalls, or wireless gear, I know a person who can take them off your hands.

It's me - I want all the gear!!!!
Level 11

@adatoleTallit and tefillin with a view? Nice! Ever take advantage of that porch for davening? Beware of the rabbinical tech support, though. I've been there. That's a really long tale not for Thwack pages.

@KMSigmaUMUC grad? I served my time on the College Park campus myself. Go Terps!


As for my own home office space, I really don't have one. I use two spaces when I am at home. My work laptop sits in the living room, where I use a nice, plush La-Z-Boy arm chair with my feet up on an old box that has now molded itself to my calves. It can handle the weight, since it arrived filled with 15 bottles of wine. The other space is what we call "The Cave." I was dialyzing myself at home when we moved in, so we turned the middle bedroom into a "dialysis cave". Thankfully, there is no dialysis machine there now, but it still has a recliner for my wife, the very comfy dialysis recliner, my wife's laptop, TV, 27-inch iMac, printer, and a bunch of other stuff.

I probably won't post any photos or videos. Suffice it to say my messes would make all of yours look neatly-kept.


Of course this dropped on a really busy day for me. I miss talking and lunching with my coworkers

@adatole I love the dogs playing cards prints!

@gfsutherland every desk should have a hatchet available! That is a fine bar you have there and a spare room makes a fine office.

@allison.rael that is a serious looking sewing machine. Oddly, sewing was never a thing I learned...yet. My mother, father and sisters would sew but I never picked it up. I remember that my dad made hurricane flags on the fly that we hoisted during an impending storm.


@tphelps01 Sounds like a better view then most offices.

@jeremymayfield a view, good monitors and a great chair really helps wherever you work.

@ChrystalT Nice setup.  What is it like to have a camera in front of the monitor?

@rschroeder that is a great set of offices.  Is that a VHF or CB antenna on Mobile Office 2?

@KMSigma I was thinking that you would show a Fender guitar.  That is a nice Ibanez.  If you need any setup work to be done on the guitar, let me know and I will make a road trip to fix you up. 

My last pawn shop rescue was a 2004 American Deluxe Stratocaster.  It was in bad shape.  The person sweat on it and never cleaned it.  Almost all of the screws were rusted, the chrome was filthy and the embossing in the knobs turned from gold to green.  Yuck.  So I got it for a good price.  I completely disassembled it and cleaned and polished every part.  I replaced the pickguard screws and the tiny screws in the bridge.  I even found an original early 2000 fender tweed case for it.




After clean up and embossing the numbers in black paint.


Now this Stratocaster is stage ready.  Every fret is polished to a mirror shine.  


@EBeach Three monitors makes life better.

tinmann0715 Beach house....that is cheating!

bobmarley I am also eating better and have lost weight.  Only stock healthy food!  That is is a pro tip.

desr I had to move boxes out of the way when I first started.  Now it is really comfortable in here.  

Thanks everyone for the engagement and have a great socially distant day! 

Level 13

@Radioteacher I'm used to it. I moved it there for recording purposes and I am too lazy to move it back and forth. Typically, it is not really in the way. My monitor is large enough that I can usually just scroll to see whatever would be hiding behind it. 😁

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Radioteacher The signs on the wall were gifts from my wife and so was the Ibanez.  Honestly, I've been taking very good care of it, but I do thing that I need the strings adjusted.  The upper frets sounds fine and are in tune, but when I go to the 12th for the harmonic or higher, it seems to sound a little off.  I'm pretty sure that means that I need to move the saddles down a little to compensate, but I don't have a good enough tuner to really dial it in.  Maybe I'll make a road trip of it so I can check out your own "Radio Shack" (I kill me!) and you can teach me a thing or two on the guitar.

I tried to step up to the game of @KMSigma and @adatole , but I totally neglected to mention the custom MVP Raspberry Pi case from SolarWinds on the top of my desk! Oh yes and the UX Bandana in front of the VCR.

Level 14


Love my bar.... as for the hatchet.... it's probably just as well it's not in the office office!!!!  😉

Great post... be well .... be safe!


Community Manager
Community Manager

@tomiannelli rocking the ZZ-Top style hat.  ❤️ it.


My wife has been working from home for many years, and the odd occasions I previously did, we didn't have an issue working around each other. However, lock down and full time wfh mean't a discussion on who gets the proper office room and who sets up a new working desk area. The "let's work in the same room" conversation, didn't even need to be had btw, divorce was not something I wanted to add to an already crappy year!

Loving some of the setups from others above..

What an awesome piece of history your current office is, RT! I love that you have absolutely everything you need, and that you've McGuiver'ed what you need to make us usable, even recycling other people's rubbish and incorporating it into your build.

Also, your new home looks incredible, I bet you can't wait!

I'm had to swap the bathroom and my office around, which is currently in progress. The previous owners of my house did a lot of expansion work, and in the process had to move the main bathroom, which is traditionally upstairs, downstairs, and I had my office in the smallest bedroom.

I had to sacrifice some purpose-built office furniture, which was cut and built into the room, but giving my kids the privacy of having an upstairs bathroom was worth it! The new office, or "Fortress of Solitude", as the wife refers to it, (I wanted Bat Cave, but she said I'm not cool enough to be Batman!) is taking more time to sort out, as some internal walls had to be knocked out, ceiling replaced, electrics sorted, new floor, etc, but it will be ready by Christmas, which will be great.

For now, I'm sat at a temporary location at the back of the lounge, as out-of-the-way as I can be 🙂


I'd love to show a picture of my office, but its full of junk - in a much less satisfying way than those tidy offices show

However, I do have a nice sit stand desk frame with a really nice white oak/red oak desk top that I made.


Community Manager
Community Manager

I demand pictures of the white/red oak desk @mcam !

Level 14

I guess I'll join in the fun and show my messy office off.  My office doubles as my guitar room, and my home gym.  "Cluttered" is an understatement at this point.  Nevertheless, I'd imagine that it's somewhat "normal" for virtual employees at a certain point.  I've been virtual for over 3 years now, so I feel pretty settled in.  I won't lie....I am currently wearing athletic shorts and a polo.  That's my usual attire on any given work day, but often times on light meeting days, I tend to just wear a regular t shirt.  I also have the guitar wall art displayed behind me during if I could find a different place to put the weight tree I'd be happier.  



@mcam I am thinking about making/buying a table top as well.  Where did you get the Sit Stand legs/system?  I was thinking about Monoprice. Triple Motor Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Corner Desk Frame Their 6 foot Table Tops

So it would be over 8 foot on one side and 6 foot on the other.

Or I could make a table top.


@smttysmth02gt Nice set of Charvel and Jackson guitars!  Those guitars have really fast necks.  What amps do you use?  

Are those Schaller S-Locks Security Strap Locks.  I am a huge fan and have them on almost all of my guitars.  I hate dunlop can never tell if they are locked.  That is why a large chunk of finish is missing from the back of the headstock of my 1979 Silver Anniversary Stratocaster.  

Yesterday, had the Supro Blues King 10 for $350 and in a moment of weakness, I bought it.  I do own a Line6 Spider Jam, Mesa Boogie Mark V:35, 1979 135 watt Fender Twin Reverb, 1975 100 watt Fender Super Six (with four 12 inch speakers). 

The Super Six requires two people to move it at 110 pounds.  So if I was a pro player, I would have the roadies move it.

The Supro is only 24 pounds so it is a lot lighter then my Mesa Boogie Mark V:35 at 44 pounds.  

Now that I am old....weight matters.



Level 14

@Radioteacher  Thanks!  I have a weird obsession with single cutaway guitars.  I just can't stand playing on a PRS or a Strat....I know it makes no sense.....I am just super weird like that.  I'm debating on getting rid of the 2 Jackson 7 strings, and the Michael Kelly 7 string.  Maybe that Charvel Skatecaster (with a Floyd Rose trem and EMG active pickups) on the end as well.  I just don't play them very much.  I also have a G&L ASAT Deluxe tele that I play the most often.  It's got the Kiesel Alan Holdsworth pickups in it.  The black Les Paul has Kiesel Lithium pickups.  Then there is the blue Carvin SC90 on the left which was custom ordered, and the Charvel tele is the most recent addition, which has Seymour Duncan Nazgul/Sentient pickups.  I play in about 5 different tunings, so it makes sense to have guitars already tuned that I can grab and play.  I need to pickup an acoustic - I've been eye'ing those Michael Kelly Forte Port X acoustics.  

As far as amps go, I am very ashamed to say that I primarily just play on a Line 6 Spider IV.  I have an older Crate 50 watt all tube amp but it just sits in my office in the corner, neglected and sad.  I recently got a BIAS Distortion digital processor pedal, but I never use it.  I've probably played on it less than a dozen times.  I used to have an old 12 watt Marshall amp that my brother "loaned to a friend" without my permission and was lost forever.  I wish I still had that thing.  

That is a good plan to have guitars setup for the tunings you use.  It is better for the player and for the intonation of the guitar. 

My friends were watching an unpluged version of the song Plush on youtube and the acoustic was tuned down a whole step.  No one could play along...I could transpose some on the fly but not enough.

I never did pull the trigger on Carvin guitars and amps...I just drooled on the catalogs.  I did however go see Alan Holdworth live in Austin at the Continental Club in 2009.  Alan played that night with Chad Wackerman on drums and Jimmy Johnson from Flim and the BB's on bass.


To replace the missing Marshall, check out Wangs versions of a hand wired amps.  They make a clone of a Marshall HW 2204 and HW 1987 in China and use good components.  All of the reviews are very positive.   The Line 6 Spider IV is a very nice amp.

Fanned Fret guitars are intriguing to me...maybe someday.  

For an acoustic...I bought a unique one in 1983.  It is this Takamine EA-360.

The guitar is missing some low frequencies when played acoustically and the electric side is 1980's piezo at its worst.  But on stage it is really cool.  It needs an internal or modern pickup.



I'll just go ahead and put it out there, nobody should feel concerned about untidy desks after my setup.














When we moved into our house there were lots of vaulted ceilings, one day my wife joked that she thought it would be cool to have a loft to make use of some of that extra vertical space.  That bounced around in my head until I decided I could make that happen, so now our bedroom has this beast of a loft that I built (don't call code enforcement plz, I know I'll be removing it whenever I decide to sell the house).

Basically our bedroom is "upstairs" and my office is down below.  Desk is complete bedlam as I had just decided 2 weeks ago I needed to gather up all my random collections of computer parts and wires and adapters and such from all the other closets and desks in the house and at least get them into the room with me so I can maybe one day start to weed through it.



office 2.jpg












^ Thats the typical off-work setup, if I wasn't on PTO today the video games would be replaced with VSCode and Slack chats are replaced with Teams.

*No idea why the forum keeps rotating this picture, I edited and renamed and shuffled it 5 different ways but inevitably when it uploads the forum insists that is belongs this way.


Similar to @rschroeder I also tend to do a fair bit of my work while away from home.














This is Canyon of the Ancients in Colorado, I'm trying to convince my wife to let us move up here so I can build a shed to sleep in and quit doing IT and hang out with a goat all day.














During the bad part of the wildfires this year I scooped my kid up from their mom in Oregon and we took advantage of school being remote and took a road trip to find some smoke free air, eventually ended up in Utah.  200 watts of panels is enough to keep the hotspot and both laptops juiced up all week.


@KMSigma apologies, it should have been added 🙂

This was before I moved it into place. It took about two weeks to build, all tongue and groove joints. I didn't realize how difficult white oak was to work with!



@Radioteacher I got mine from Amazon, its an AITerminal electric sit/stand desk and is built like a tank, just what I needed. 

Level 14

@Radioteacher That is really neat that you got to see Holdsworth.  That guy was amazing, and the pickups are out of this world.  They are the most versatile I've ever used.  You should check out the Kiesel line up and see if anything catches your eye.  I kind of hate to see the name "Carvin" die out but it makes more sense because that is the family's last night who owns the company.  That's a wild looking Takamine!  I had a Takamine that I got rid of...I can't ever seem to find an acoustic that I want to keep around.  

@smttysmth02gt I just received the Supro Blues King 10 Amp that I ordered yesterday and it is sweet!!  They shipped it out of Houston and I got it in one day.  Five watts of Class A happy with a real reverb tank in a 24 pound package!  No foot switch...I will have to get one.

Keep playing!



Ok I gotta show some of my lab at home:



My Herman Miller Aero Chair... I have one at home and at work.  I can't show you the one at work... I'd have to #@$& you.


HP 53132A, HP3458A, HP 3456A, Stanford Research Systems 620.

Ok I gotta continue on next post because I've reached the size limit..







 that's sideways oh geesh!


 HP Rubidium. and Cesium.


 not sure why it's rotated but multiple quartz oscillators, and HP 5071A Cesium.

I'm 100% timenut and voltnut!  Plus I I'm scientist and a monitoring freak!

That's not even half of it but I wanted to show you some of what I do at home!




@Radioteacher Marine Mobile Office 2's antenna is VHF.  It's not the wider hollow core that's available, but having upgraded to an 8' whip from a 4' shorty, I find the tx / rx range is tremendously improved.  While guiding a family of 8 (in three boats) up on Ontario's Lake Nipigon, I discovered I could be 35 miles from our base camp and still send & receive clearly.  The other two boats only had handheld VHF, and they'd end up relaying through me to get to each other when they were out of line of sight.

It's a fun insurance policy, and has enabled me to tune in weather, Coast Guard, and to eavesdrop on commercial fishing fleet traffic, and Great Lakes ships (lakers) and Ocean vessels (salties).  VHF is legally required when venturing out onto Lake Superior, and having done loads of boating there, and also having watched tremendous storms whipping up 40' waves, having great communications equipment makes the difference between life & death.

There's no rescue service for Lake Nipigon, so I'm always cautious on that body of water, preferring to go with other boats at all times.  I won't have to worry about getting out in the middle of a lake that's 40 miles x 60 miles and having engine problems or running into an unmarked reef--COVID-19's keeping me out of Canada, and I really missed fishing those waters last summer.  I suspect next year, and perhaps the following one, will still find tourists like me prevented from crossing the border.  I guess it means the fish will be that much bigger when I finally get there again!



Level 11

My office is just that, an office.  However over time it's evolved lets say into more.  Now it's a storage room, with a desk, screens and a laptop.  With some choice memorabilia on the walls, nothing really fancy, but a couple of nice pieces.  An office these days can be anywhere at anytime, and I like that.  Perhaps today I will work from the beach, although it's -1 atm, so might be a little chilly 🙂

@ecklerwr1 Wow...I see you really keep up with time!  

How did the Large Nixies work out?

@smttysmth02gt Here is my MIM telecaster with many upgrades* (I changed everything except the nut, neck, body and pickguard) and the Supro Blues King 10.



*The tuners are GrafTech Ratio Staggered, Mojotone 52 Clone Tele Set Pickups, Flush string ferrules in the back, replaced the bridge, volume has treble bleed circuit and phase switch, tone has cap disconnect, 4 way pickup selector, S-Lock Strap locks and copper shielding installed in every cavity plus the back of the pickguard. 

@rschroeder smart move on the VHF radio and taller antenna.  When boating on those lakes, precautions should be taken.  The weather can turn on you in a moment up there and in many areas.  



@Radioteacher  isn't 4x12 in a fender super six fairly rare?  I thought most of them were 10's or even smaller and sometimes x6?  Really nice classic.  Also the 12AX7 and 6V6 tubes in the little Supro BK10 is pretty neat for a tiny new amp.


@mcam Love that top on the desk.   I have a power rise desk which that top would look really awesome on.   


@Radioteacher  Check it out buddy!!!  Now to fashion a great case for them!!!  I also have an attachment for this pcb that can drive two OG-4 dekatrons with the 8091's!


On another note I love the telecaster body... sometimes with a strat neck attached!