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What’s the big deal about log management?

Level 9

You've gotten your orders from upper management, "We need to buy a log management system – NOW!" So what is log management? And why does upper management think we need it at this instant? Hopefully, this blog answers the what and why of log management for you.

What is log management?

Log management involves the collection and management of log data, gathered from your network devices, servers, applications, and systems. The log data needs to be collected, stored, analyzed, and monitored for it to be useful information, and this process is much easier with log and event management software. An event log monitoring software allows you to manage and monitor alerts and events that occur within your company.

Log management is typically used for security, system and network operations, and regulatory compliance.

Why you should care about log management?

Log management can help you look like your company’s geekiest IT geek and you’ll save your company plenty, by having the info you need to resolve network security issues more quickly. This is because log management can track and log everything that happens on your network. The resulting log provides you a record of who’s been doing what on your network, which:

  • Offers security protection for your company
  • Logs urgent problems that need to be addressed
  • Creates reports for management
  • Faster and easier issue  resolution because you can now track everything that’s happened on your network
  • Enables you to track and block an IP addresses
  • Allows you to shut down or reboot a workstation
  • Let’s you see who is logged in at certain times
  • Shows you where all the network bandwidth is going

For more information on log management and what it can do for you, see SolarWinds Log & Event Manager.

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Level 15

And the need for log management grows ever more in today's environments.....................