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Virtualization Admins: Three Jobs, Two SMEs, One Tool

Level 13

Virtualization admins have many responsibilities and wear many IT hats. These responsibilities can be aggregated into three primary buckets: planning, optimizing, and maintaining. Planning covers design decisions as well as discovery of virtual resources and assets. Optimizing encompasses tuning your dynamic virtual environment so that it's always running as efficiently and effectively as possible given all the variables of your applications, infrastructure, and delivery requirements. Maintaining is the creating the proper alerts and intelligent thresholds to match your constantly changing and evolving virtual data center. To do all these things well at various scale, virtualization admins need to monitor with discipline and a proper tool.

And sometimes you need a helping hand. Join me and jhensle​ on June 15th at 1PM CT as we cover plan, optimization, and maintenance with Virtualization Manager to deliver optimal performance in your virtual data center.



Interesting, Where do I signup.

Just tell me i can get the Hat.....   I love hats!!!!!!!!!!!!  


Nice hat !

Level 11

You can sign up by clicking the picture or


I would think there is a 4th bucket...somewhere in there you have to do the actual provisioning based on your planning in order to have something to optimize and then maintain.

Level 12

Nice. I am liking this

Thank you for continuing to broaden our horizons.


In the past two weeks we finally crossed the line from POC to purchase of VMAN.  Interested in seeing what it can do that I haven't discovered yet.

Signing up now.

kong.yang Advance warning: I will be asking the question on how to monitor admin activity on the Host for when a new host is created/deleted, powered on/off/suspended. Accounts are created/removed/updated/login failures. And a whole slew of Permission Events.

I have barked up this tree many times before with mikesky​ on Thwack and with VMware but to no avail.

Level 13

Great point Jfrazier​ about provisioning.

Level 17

Nice! I wish there was an interest for some of our engineers to check out this tool.... I think it might just make life easier, even if only helping to answer the 'What Happened?'

Level 20

This license refresh I'm adding a bunch of additional virt manager license!

Level 21

I have to agree with others, that hat is certainly a must have in my SW gear collection.

Virtualization Manager really is an amazing tool for managing a virtual environment.  I have had the opportunity to run it in a lab and connect it to my production environment and in less than an hour (including the VMAN setup time) I was finding problems that we never knew existed in our environment.  VMAN is the next SW tool we will likely be adding to our SW toolset... maybe it will come with a hat?

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