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Verification of sufficient disk space before upgrading Storage Manager

Level 9

By default Storage Manager places the database and it install files on the same drive. Over time the database will expand. It is important to verify there is sufficient disk space before performing an upgrade of Storage Manager. We must have twice the amount of free space as the largest table in the database. During the upgrade, Storage Manager will build temporary database tables from the actual database and it is because of this that we must verify sufficient disk space on the drive.

MariaDB creates a number of different data files in the mariadb directory. The file types include:

  • .frm – format (schema) file
  • .MYD – data file
  • .MYI – index file

It is the *.MYD (data) file that we must check. Within the database directory we must sort the files from largest to smallest keeping track of the largest .MYD file in that directory.

The database can be found at the following location:

  • Windows - <installed drive>\Program Files\SolarWinds\Storage Manager Server\mariadb\data\storage  directory

  • Linux - <installed path>/Storage_Manager_Server/mariadb/data/storage directory


  • This is the default location of where the temporary database tables are created.

  • Storage Manager versions 5.6 and newer use MariaDB. For previous versions, MySQL is used. For versions prior to 5.6, substitute MySQL for MariaDB

If you have insufficient disk space, you must point the temporary database tables to a drive that have sufficient space before upgrading. For more information on how to relocate the temporary database tables please see the Storage Manager Administrator Guide.

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Good tips.