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Using Switch Port Mapper to detect Switch Configuration Issues

Level 12

In the previous post I talked about a situation where a simple configuration issue on a couple of ethernet switches was causing a serious problem for the connected users. I failed to mention that I used one of the tools from the Engineer's Toolset to diagnose and resolve this issue.

A lot of you are probably familiar with using the Switch Port Mapper. This tool is a great time saver anytime you need to locate or document user connected to your switches. Something you may not know is that you can also configure Switch Port Mapper to display settings for speed, duplex, current traffic, and more.

Another key point to mention is that when you're looking at the Switch Port Mapper and you see more than one MAC address on a port, there is most definitely another switch plugged into that port that should be mapped as well.

Flame on...

Level 15

First I have heard of this tool.  Seems pretty handy to be able to sort out what's connected to where.  I have many stacks in the environment with 4 or 5 switches in the them, and this looks like a handy tool to be able to provide a listing report of who is connected where.  Working on a starting a switch refresh project, and this type of tool will be helpful for both documentation and verification after the upgrades.

Thanks for a helpful post.


I really do need to sit down and try out all the tools in the kit some time

Level 17

Well tickle my ports active! I'll pack SPM (Switch Port Mapper) in the bag from now on!

Level 15

very good informativos, but for better to monitor ports it´s  UDT.

Level 20

I'm still using the manual method... not as easy as the mapper though...

It's over a year since this post came out, and I only just read it.  I don't remember those additional options for switch port mapper, and I use it regularly.  I'll have to dig into the options when I get back into work.  Thanks!

Level 12

thanks for the article