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Upcoming changes for the Head Geek

Level 12

Well folks, after many, many years of working here at SolarWinds and helping to build the best IT management products in the world I've decided to branch out on my own and do something a little different for a while. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at SolarWinds and even more than that I've enjoyed with working with all of you - our customers and community members.

Fear not, you are being left in good hands. Several of the people within our organization - in engineering, product management, product marketing, sales engineering, and the like - will be stepping up to fill any void that I might be leaving. That said, these folks have been doing all of the heavy lifting for a long time now. They'll just be a bit more visible in some of the places where I've typically appeared.

I'll still be around here at SolarWinds for a little while yet. Also, the folks here at SolarWinds and I continue to maintain a strong, healthy relationship so even after I leave don't be surprised if you see me blogging about SolarWinds technologies or someone there recommends that you reach out to me for some advice with your IT management strategies.

I'm still around for a little while yet but you can go ahead and start using my personal contact information if you need to reach out to me.

Flame on...

Josh Stephens

Founder, Bearded Dog Consulting Services


twitter:  @josh_stephens




You will be missed dearly. SolarWinds won't ever be the same again without you around - the Head Geek !
We'll miss your great stories, valued input in Geek Speek and overall presence at SolarWinds. I hope to see you again sometime, especially, maybe, at SolarWinds again in the future.

Thanks for all the hard work and time you put in, solid dedication. The team salutes you.


A Chief Geek

Level 12


I appreciate the kind words. Do keep in touch as I'll still be around and up to my geeky ways


Level 7


Sorry to hear you're leaving.  I'm studying for my SCP right now and the videos have been really really good.

All the best for the future.