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Traffic Generation

Level 12

As you know, we've been doing some testing lately of some WAN accelerators from different hardware vendors. This has caused me to to need to generate traffic of varying types and weight and has got me to thinking about traffic generators in general. The SolarWinds Toolset has a great tool for generating UDP or TCP echo and discard traffic (WAN Killer) but in this case I needed to generate some more specific types of traffic and to generate some specific TCP transaction types.

So, we're going to write some utilities for generating test traffic here in-house and I'm also looking at possibly purchasing some appliance-based traffic generators. I'm hoping a few of you may write back with a) any experiences you've had with the various traffic generators out there and b) if you'd like to see more advanced traffic generation capabilities within the SolarWinds Toolset.

Flame on...


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Level 15

I used the wankiller app for some MetroE connections.  The ability to generate traffic helped me tune the connections for the specific applications.