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Tracking down user and device problems - horror stories from the trenches...

Level 12

Figuring out what's where, right when you need to, can be a real horror without the right tools. We've all been there and it's a pretty darn scary place to be. Not too long ago I was working with a company here in Austin and we started seeing unauthorized, virus, and spyware infected PCs showing up on the network. There were more than a few of them and we weren't sure exactly how they were getting in. Turns out someone had gotten an authorized wi-fi router onto the network and all of these machines were connecting through it. It took us quite a while to figure out they problem and a bit longer to locate the 802.11 enabled culprit as it was a large, flat, switched network and they didn't have any user and device tracking tools installed.

Another time, I worked with a company up North that did a lot of work security consulting and ethical hacking. One of their employees had taken his profession a little too far and had started hacking into internal servers and reading other peoples' e-mail. It was a large campus and we needed to locate the individual ASAP but we had no idea where they were - just what their IP address was.

While these may seem like pretty good horror stories the truth is that these cases were pretty mild and that these stories are way too common out there. Have your own user tracking horror stories? Share them with us here...


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