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Top 5 Reasons to Select SolarWinds NPM over HP® NNMi

Level 14

If you are considering HP Network Node Manager i (NNMi) for your network monitoring requirement, or if you already are using NNMi in your network and looking for a change, here are 5 concrete reasons why you should consider SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM).

#1 NPM is an easy-to-use network management solution

    • Intuitive Web interfacePicture1.png
    • Customizable and interactive dashboards and charts
    • No training cost or product management overheads

#2 NPM is an affordable enterprise-class software

    • Transparent pricing
    • Flexible licensing
    • No hidden costs

#3 NPM can be installed and deployed typically in under an hour

    • Do-it-yourself deployment
    • No professional services, or product delivery time
    • Download, install and start monitoring in under an hour

#4 Built by network engineers for network engineers

    • Purpose-built based on the needs of the IT community
    • Customer and community-driven product enhancement

#5 Buy only what you need

    • Unified network fault, availability and performance monitoring in one single software
    • No add-ons for network monitoring functionality
    • Modular architecture allows you to add other network management solution and integrate with NPM

More information on product comparison in this SlideShare

That’s not all!

For network performance and combined bandwidth monitoring and network traffic analysis, you can save up to 75%[1] over HP NNMi with SolarWinds Bandwidth Analyzer Pack (Network Performance Monitor + NetFlow Traffic Analyzer).

[1]^ Estimated cost savings for 500 nodes using SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor SL2000 and SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer for Network Performance Monitor SL2000 vs. HP Network Node Manager Advanced + iSPI Performance For Metrics + iSPI for Traffic + iSPI for Multicast. Based on available August 2013 data.


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Level 16

Solarwinds has so much confidence in NPM.

Just  keep backing  that with features  support and good customers service.