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Top 3 Features of Kiwi CatTools

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Kiwi CatTools can be installed as a standalone application or as a service on any Windows server.  Installing it as a service grants you the ability to schedule automated backups or config changes while you're away at your computer.

At the center of CatTools is a Batch processing machine. Once you have setup your network devices, such as, routers, switches, and firewalls, you can then have CatTools perform one of the many predefined activates against your devices. Some of these activities include sending commands directly to your device in normal or privilege mode, setting the password for your devices, either en masse or individually, testing connectivity, and backing up and restoring your running configurations.

Top Features

The first feature is the ability to mass backup the configuration of all your devices. If any configuration differences are found, you can then have them emailed to you.

Another excellent feature includes using activates to issue commands via telnet or SSH out to multiple devices at once. You can also change the configuration of devices at scheduled times. Another example would be to pull the IOS version you're running across multiple devices.

You can also compare two different configuration files in the Compare tab. This feature highlights the changes for you. You can even run a comparison between a network's current configurations to the startup configuration.

2-28-2013 6-33-39 PM.png

The Reporting tool provides you many options right at your fingertips. It allows you to run ARP table, or port, MAC, and version details reports. The ARP report automatically indexes MAC addresses against IP addresses and device interfaces, and then resolves their host names via DNS if required. By default  the table is updated with each run of the activity, so it provides a historical record of the devices attached to your network over time. Each entry is time stamped, and "First Seen" and "Last Seen" columns included in the report.

To see more of these features you can visit the CatTools website.

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