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To All the Hardworking SysAdmins and IT Pros Out There…

Level 12

The month of July is always special for various reasons. We officially welcome the summer heatwave, and it’s also one of those times where we look forward to taking a break and spending time with family. Another reason why July is special is because it’s time to give thanks to your friendly Systems Administrator, yes, the person you always call for help when you get locked out of your computer, or when your email stops working, or when the internet is down, or when your mouse stops responding, or when you need just about anything.


To all the SysAdmins and IT superheroes out there, SysAdmin Day is fast approaching. And this year, just like every year, we at SolarWinds dedicate the entire month of July to SysAdmins across the world and we invite you to join the festivities as we celebrate SysAdmin Day in the biggest possible way.


SysAdmin Day can mean a lot of things to IT pros and organizations. But, what I think makes SysAdmin Day a day to remember is being able to share your journey with fellow SysAdmins and IT pros. So, in the comment section, share why you chose this career path, the meaning behind those defining moments, or remind us about the day you knew you were going to be a SysAdmin. Take this time to also narrate funny instances or end-user stories that made you laugh or challenging situations you successfully dealt with in your very own server rooms.

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We’re super thrilled about this year’s SysAdmin Day because we will have fun weekly blogs on Geek Speak to celebrate and a thwack monthly mission that offers weekly contests and exciting giveaways. Some of these sweet prizes include:


Now it’s time to get the party started. Visit the July thwack monthly mission page today!

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Level 15

Fun-filled times ahead!

Level 17

Some things come natural and regardless of the initial ease or understanding, Humon generated problems need serious solutions.

Level 14

I was at a friend's house when I was a kid and his dad got a Commodore 64.  I though it was the coolest thing.  I started messing around with computers and never stopped.  It fascinated me.  I keep wanting to learn more, so I branched out into all aspects of IT.  I am always learning and I always want to know more.  It is never the same and I stay interested.  It also pays very good so that is an added bonus.  I also never see it going anywhere, so the Job security is there, as long as you are good with change.  You have to have the ability to adapt and change with the times.

Level 14

1981..... I am in a large computer room taking green bar paper of two large line printers. Decollating it and sending reports over a six state region, taking the job until something better came along.

While the rest of my team who were "experts" on the Sperry-Univac mainframe we had, were scurrying about, in one corner of the room, sits a VAX 11/780 with manuals and training material, and where we were going to migrate all of our programs. We had lots of down time on third shift... I read, I learned I played on the new machine... I was hooked!

A year later when the company actually started using it, I was the first SYSADMIN, the other guys were just getting started.