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Thwack a “v” on that Head Geek: Kong Yang

Level 13

Hello thwack! My name is Kong Yang and I recently joined SolarWinds as the Virtualization Head Geek aka vHead Geek. I am super stoked to join my fellow Head Geeks and THE community for IT pros – thwack.


A little background - I earned my BS in EE and MS in ECE from UNR and UIUC respectively. After that, I spent 13-years grinding experience in performance tuning & troubleshooting enterprise stacks, virtualization sizing & capacity planning best practices, tech community management, and tech evangelism at Dell. For the last 14-months, I was the Cloud Practice Leader at Gravitant, a hybrid cloud software startup.


I am passionate about understanding the behavior of the entire application ecosystem – the analytics of the interdependencies as well as qualifying & quantifying the results to the business bottom line. This encompasses: 

  • Virtualization & Cloud technologies.
    • VMware vSphere and vCloud Air.
    • Microsoft Hyper-V and Azure.
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS).
    • IBM SoftLayer.
    • Google Compute Engine (GCE).
  • Application performance.
    • Tier 1 Application performance best practices – bridging what’s done in ideal lab environments, i.e. vendor reports & benchmark results, and real world IT lab environments.

    • Best practices for proactive performance optimization and reactive performance troubleshooting.
  • Hybrid Cloud best practices – on-premises, off-premises, private & public cloud services.
    • How do I efficiently and effectively monitor & optimize my application assets across hybrid cloud ecosystems?

    • What skills do IT pros need to add in order to not only survive but thrive?
  • Containers, hypervisors, cloud native best practices – vehicles for IT application stacks.
  • DevOps conversations. Gene Kim co-wrote an awesome book entitled The Phoenix Project that annunciates DevOps well.
  • Converged Infrastructure technologies.
    • Nutanix, SimpliVity, Scale Computing.
    • VMware EVO family.
    • VSPEX, FlexPod.
    • VCE Vblocks.
    • Microsoft Cloud Platform System.
  • Data analytics – ask the right questions, pivot points, and correctly interpreting & applying results.


Rather than continuing to bore you with my CV, I will leave you with my seven tips on a long and prosperous IT career:


  1. Do what you love and love what you do – be passionate about IT, technologies, and people.
  2. Know your IT and do IT – there is no substitute for experience and know-how.
  3. Don't be afraid to fail. My greatest successes have followed failures. Character is built from failures so always learn & keep moving forward.
  4. Don't strive for perfection. Perfection limits innovation by setting an arbitrary & unnecessary ceiling. Innovation is unbounded!
  5. Build your network of trusted advisors - techie friends, peers, professional mentors, colleagues and resources – know whose info you can trust. Return that trust by continually earning & maintaining their trust.
  6. Strength and honor – policies, processes & people-in-charge change; but your principles should never waver.
  7. Remember those who have helped you grow and those who have stood in your way. Be thankful for both of them.


I look forward to the opportunity to make your acquaintance and earn your trust. I am @KongYang on Twitter and Kong.Yang on thwack.


Let’s close with some fun because IT work can be a real PITA at times. Below is picture of me with two of my friends - @virtualTodd, who is a Sr. Staff Engineer on VMware’s Perf R&D team, and @CiscoServerGeek, who is a Cisco Consulting Systems Engineer. I’m wearing the green & yellow Jester’s hat with the green feather bola and throwing the peace sign while Todd is posing as Captain America and Scott is sporting Wolverine’s claws and the red & black top hat.






Level 9

Welcome to our team of Geeks, kong.yang! I simply can't contain my excitement to have you here.

oh em gee.gif

Level 13

Thank you! Excited to be a part of the team.

Level 7

Welcome Kong! Super excited to have you on the team!

Level 13

Thank you James!

Level 9

I second James' comment!

Level 13

Thank you Damon!

Level 17

Welcome aboard! Very excited to have you on #TeamHeadGeek

Level 13

Thank you Tom

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