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Three SMEs Share Their E’s For Cloud, Containers, Converged & SDDC

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Many IT folks, including yours truly, made technology predictions for 2015‌. These predictions revolved around buzz worthy tech trends of now – hybrid cloud, software-defined data center, converged infrastructure, and containers. In a recent webinar, I hosted three techies to get their take on these tech constructs and share their E’s for successfully navigating the fear, uncertainty, and doubt, aka the FUD factor.

The three industry SMEs were:

  • Christopher Kusek. Chief Technology Officer of Xiologix, LLC. Christopher is an EMC® Elect, a VMware® vExpert, and an accomplished speaker, and an author with five books published. Blog:
  • John Troyer. Founder of TechReckoning, an independent IT community. He is the co-host of the Geek Whisperers Podcast and consults with technology vendors on how to work better with geeks. Blog:
  • Dennis Smith. IT veteran in various roles. Most recently, Dennis was the Principal Engagement Manager for EMC social marketing where he led the strategy for the influencer program, the EMC Elect. Blog:

The three “E’s” from the panelists stayed with me long after our webcast was over were:


Christopher stated that technologies are meant to make it easier for IT pros to do what they have to do with their role and responsibilities. He pointed to root-cause visibility through the entire stack as a requirement to make these technology constructs viable and successful; but also said that tool makers aren’t there yet. In lieu of hundreds of management tools, he recommended using a few tools to empower IT pros to manage and monitor their ecosystem as they integrate their existing deployments with new technology constructs. He concluded by saying that IT pros can't be an extra in their IT ecosystem action film. Be the main character in the IT world full of characters!


John discussed the shift in IT attitude towards empathy to customers. He focused on shared goals, shared responsibilities, and end-to-end context but broke up the pieces into consumable bites for the IT pro. In other words, the IT pro wasn't responsible for knowing how to maintain the entire ecosystem from application development through operations (DevOps). He also discussed the rise in μ-services (micro-services) and how insane the monitoring is. Finally, he shared wisdom about how IT pros need to become a π-specialist. No not that kind of pie, but rather, the 3.14159 kind. And that pi-specialist needs broad IT generalist skills, but with deep-roots specialist know-how.


Dennis spoke of continuous learning in the continuous application delivery era. He shared his experience in building tech communities, engaging customers, and delivering solutions with the latest and greatest technologies. He felt that IT pros needed to be adaptable because technology is ever changing. That which can disrupt, often does change. His advice to IT pros was to pay it forward because it will be returned back to you many times over. And to pay it forward simple means to share your knowledge and expertise without expectation of getting anything in return.

Bridging to Business with Empower, Empathy, and Evolution in Clouds & SDDC.

The 2015 IT Prediction webinar centered on technology trends that promise agility and scalability. But to get to consumable simplicity, the equation is dependent on the IT pros, the processes that they put into place, and the tools that they will use to bridge the technology to successful business outcomes. The first tool that IT pros need to bridge utility is one that provides connected visibility of the application through the data stack.

Hello AppStack! If this resonates with any of you readers out there, I highly recommend you take a look at this Application Stack Management Bundle. You can access a free trial here:

Better yet, download the tool and then tune in to the live demonstration of the AppStack dashboard to…

On March 12th at 11AM-12PM CT, SolarWinds will demonstrate the AppStack dashboard to troubleshoot application performance issues.

Troubleshooting Performance Issues across the Application Stack


Thursday March 12th from 11AM-12PM

IT Pros can even try out the Application Stack Management Bundle while watching the live demo. Ask questions during the demo as SolarWinds SMEs will be on to answer them live. 

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