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Threat Management

Level 9

Keeping your IT infrastructure safe is a full-time job and requires a collaborative effort. Threat management can be defined as “the potential for a threat source to exercise (accidentally trigger or intentionally exploit) a specific vulnerability.” This threat can come from within your organization, possibly a disgruntled employee or from an external source (a hacker, for example). Monthly malware updates and device scans aren’t enough anymore. You need the Big Guns now. You need to be alerted when a specific type of event happens, when you have failed logins, and do a log analysis around the time of the event, etc.

SolarWinds Log & Event Manager collects, stores, and normalizes log data from a variety of sources and displays that data in an easy to use desktop or web console for monitoring, searching, and active response. Data is also available for scheduled and ad hoc reporting from both the LEM Console and standalone LEM Reports console. SolarWinds LEM responds effectively with focus and speed to a wide variety of threats, attacks, and other vulnerabilities.

Deploying LEM is just the first step in your network security management process.