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Thoughts after speaking about IPv6 last week...

Level 12

Last week I traveled to central Florida to give a couple of presentations on IPv6. While there I met with several technologists and business leaders from the federal community to answer questions and field discussions on this subject. It was a great trip and the presentations went well. Two things surprised me about the trip though...

First, it was a lot cooler there in and around Orlando Florida than it's been here in Austin TX. As a matter of fact, it rained for a few minutes each of the days that I was there. We haven't had a decent rain here in Central Texas in nearly a year and I'd forgotten how much I missed it. The cooler weather was also a nice respite, although typically when people think about going to Florida they think it'll be warmer there  and I was no exception.

The second thing that surprised me was the amount of interest there was in discussing IPv6. It's usually pretty easy to get a group of network engineers together to talk about the depletion of IPv4 and the need to start working toward IPv6 but many of the folks I met with weren't in the networking community. There were local Value Added Resellers (VARs) in attendance, attorneys that work with small businesses, business consultants, federal purchasing agents, senior executives from the federal community, and more in addition to the technical audience of network administrators, system admins, and application developers.

I don't think that a conversation on IPv6 would've drawn such a crowd a year ago, which is more evidence that we are finally making progress toward IPv6 in some real, tangible, and measurable ways. Likewise, when I spoke at Cisco Live in Las Vegas in July, in London in January, and even during a community meeting in Sydney this year - IPv6 is gaining momentum everywhere I look.

Key takeaways for you - it's time to start looking into training on this technology, get some hands on experience (labs or even maybe migrate over your own subnet at work), and start working on an IPv6 assessment for your organization. You really want to be out in front on this - not left behind...

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