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Thoughts after SolarWinds Seminar on Leveraging Cisco Technologies in DC Yesterday...

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This week we hosted a free seminar in Washington D.C. on how to expose and leverage some key Cisco technologies using SolarWinds network management software. Specifically, we covered NetFlow, IP SLA, Cisco EnergyWise, and the new Nexus 1000v virtual switch. You can view the slide presentation from the session here.

The seminar went really well. We had a great group of attendees with tons of questions during the presentation and great conversations afterwards. I learned a few pretty interesting things that I thought I'd share here...

The majority of the people in attendance were using NetFlow for traffic analysis. This is a significant change from what I've seen with similar groups in the past and in my opinion is just freakin' awesome. This is really great technology that you can leverage quite literally for free and I'm really stoked to see more and more people taking advantage of it. Some of the attendees were using the Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer, some were using free tools, and some were using other applications but nearly everyone attending was doing some sort of traffic analysis using flow-based technologies.

Conversely, very few people attending were leveraging Cisco IP SLA (IP Service Level Agreements). If you're not familiar with this technology, you can watch a webcast that we recently hosted on it here. In a nutshell, IP SLA is a feature built into Cisco IOS that allows you to have your routers run tests from their location within your network and then you can pull the results back into your NMS. This technology can be leverage directly within Orion NPM, within the Orion VoIP Module, and even within some of our free tools.

Another interesting thing I learned is that a surprising number of the attendees are unable to watch the videos what we post to YouTube and Amazon due to traffic restrictions on their networks. Several of them said that they spend their evenings watching the educational videos that we produce and would love it if we could figure out a way to make them more available from their workplace. If you're also having this problem, ping me sometime or leave a comment here.

Anyhow, as I said, it was a great trip and a great seminar. I'm looking forward to the next one.

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