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The Value of an IP Address...

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If you've been watching the technology related news lately you've probably learned three things. First, IANA officially issued the last two /8 IPv4 address blocks and exhausted the IPv4 allocations a couple of months ago. Second, Nortel today announced that as part of its bankruptcy filings it is selling it's public IPv4 address space to Microsoft for $7.5M or roughly $11.25 per IP address. Third, SolarWinds recently announced a new IP Address Management application to help with IPv4 to IPv6 migration issues as well as to help make sure that you're making the most out of your existing address space.

On IANA issuing the last of their public addresses, this obviously caused quite a splash around the industry. I'm optimistic that the energy generated by this event will help drive some much needed momentum in the community around IPv6. No, it's not time to panic and no, you don't need to start converting all of your users to IPv6 today but you do need to learn IPv6 and start thinking about how and when it'll affect your organization and how you're going to make that transition as smooth as possible.

On the Microsoft and Nortel news, there are obviously a lot of open questions around transactions like this and how they'll be viewed by ARIN but I think the important thing to notice here is that someone was willing to pay $7.5 million dollars for something that is effectively free. Not only that, but this was by a technology company - one that I'm hoping will be help lead the charge toward IPv6.

On the SolarWinds IP Address Manager, this is something that I've wanted to bring to market here for very long time. Most of the solutions in this space are hard to use and really expensive and this has forced many organizations to either use spreadsheets or to create their own systems for tracking IPs. The SolarWinds solution is easy to install, setup, and use and will easily pay for itself with the time it can save your team. And hey, if IP addresses are worth $11.25 each isn't it worth fifty cents or so per IP to manage them?

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Level 15

I am looking forward to starting my IPAM evaluation.