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The U.S. Open and its effect on the network...

Level 12

A few minutes ago I was walking through the office checking on things and answering questions when some of the guys stopped me to ask why the "internet" was running so slow. My first reaction was to explain that the internet was actually running quite normally but that our connection to the internet seemed to be experiencing higher than average latency. However, as I looked over the shoulders of the guys asking me I noticed that each one of them had a window open trying to watch streaming video from the U.S. Open and I realized that any explanation I could give would be futile.

One of the challenges that we face today is that our users are used to having much more bandwidth at home than most of us can provide here at the office. Take me for instance. I have a 15 Mbps connection at home pretty much all to myself. If I'm really feeling hoggish I can load balance between my cable connection and my neighbor's DSL and get even better speeds. But here at work I'm sharing the same corporate connection with everyone else and so sometimes it feels slow even though I'm technical enough to understand the reasons why.

I have seen a few companies that plan for events like the U.S. Open and stream the video locally and then let everyone watch the same feed. While expensive initially, in the long run these systems can really work wonders towards network performance and employee perception of network availability.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject and Congratulations Tiger on a game well played.

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