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The Geek Goes Deep - A Technical Look at Traffic Flow Technologies

Level 12

A couple of weeks ago we hosted a webcast on cost saving techniques for managing networks. It went great and we had several hundred people attend the live event and lots and lots more have viewed the recorded version at

All that said, it didn't quite reach the level of geekiness that I like to put into webcasts. So, I've decided to raise the geek factor for this next event and do a deep dive on flow based technologies including NetFlow, JFlow, SFlow, and IPFix and I've invited our Chief Architect Joel Dolisy to cohost.

Sign-up information will be place on SolarWinds.Com and here on the blog within the next day or so. If you've got specific questions about this technology that you'd like to see answered drop me comment. Current agenda is to cover:

•    The basics of traffic flow technologies
•    The Top 5 Reasons to use them
•    Possible downfalls – Rumors and Facts
•    Comparisons of NetFlow, JFlow, SFlow, and IPFix
•    Deeper analysis of each traffic flow type
•    Technologies that  receive and analyze flow data

Flame on...

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Thanks for sharing.

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Still applicable today.

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What would be good is a revisit on this topic...