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The Future is Always Bright

Level 11

In my last couple of posts, I’ve tried to paint a picture of the past and present of database management and monitoring. We've seen that good database performance has everything to do with knowledge, which, as we all know, is power. In our case, it is important to continue adding knowledge by learning from the mistakes we make.

In my opinion, we’re at the start of yet another revolution and it's being brought about by blockchain. And while that revolution is going to change a lot of the things we’re taking for granted these days, the digital revolution is still going strong. IT keeps evolving, and with things like IoT, AI, and ML, the digital revolution has gained a new dimension. It will take databases even further, and make them increasingly complex. This is why it will be so important to know and learn from everything going on in our databases today.

IT has always been a quickly evolving project. Previously, the first major leaps in human history took centuries, while these days revolutions seem to follow each other in a matter of decades. We’ll never stop taking our inventions and pushing them a step further.

You get the point. It is critically important that we know what is going on with our databases, which steps we need to take to give our companies an edge on the competition. We need to be able to see this before it even happens, by correlating all data points we measure on our databases. We need to have a tool that lets us discover the root causes of the complex issues we sometimes face in the database world.  And we need it in real-time.

Thanks for reading! Here is my last cartoon for now.



The future DOES have positive potential, and we must remember to look for it ONLY while being careful and secure.  There's no more "trust, but verify".  It's become "Verify before trusting."

IoT is a classic example of folks blindly trusting new tech, putting it on their network, and becoming compromised in seconds. 

Our mandate should become:

  • If you don't KNOW it's secure, don't attach it to things that need to BE secure.
  • Accept nothing from advertisers without verification.
  • Your VAR's job is to sell you equipment and services, and thereby earn a living.  They may not have your best security interests at heart.  Verify before trusting.
  • Innovate--but innovate securely.
  • Don't create/release new products that require average home users to know how to properly implement security.  Instead, build security into your product, and insist it complies with standards and best practices.  If you give a user or client an opportunity to deploy it insecurely, some percentage (perhaps a VAST percentage) will do so.

Don't stop innovating, don't stop buying new product, don't stop seeking new solutions!

But don't innovate poorly.  Don't buy products based on pitches & glitter--purchase by solid experience and testing.  And don't re-invent the wheel until you've proven the existing wheels are inadequate to the task at hand.

I read an article that highlighted world population growth throughout history. It parallels human advancement pretty closely. The 20th century is where we see an explosion in human population, much like we have seen in an advancement in just about every facet of our lives despite it being the most violent and bloodiest century in human history.

Scientists predict that human population will peak at about 9 billion around 2050 and then start to trend backward. I wonder if our technology will do the same.

Level 14

The future can only be bright. We have so much more to learn and so many more issues to conquer. (hunger, disease to name a few serious ones, time and space travel for a couple more)

Each generaton is expanding the limits of thought and possiblilty.

As long as we remember that technology is a tool to help us advance and not the advancement itself.. we will be fine.

Who knows maybe in 100 years vacationing on Rigel 7 could happen!


Nice article

Level 13

The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades........Timbuk3 

So true.

Level 20

Blockchain seems like solid technology but I'm not sure BitCoin is the answer for it.

I look forward to the future....if not I would still be one of the better Novell/Compaq people in the city.


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