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The Basics of JMX

Level 15

JMX is an acronym for Java Management Extensions and allows remote clients to connect to a Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Using JMX, you can manage and monitor running applications in a JVM environment. Using Java, management of applications in a virtual machine is done through the use of Managed Beans, or MBeans.

MBeans are the soul of JMX and are the controllable end-points of an application where remote clients can watch application activity as well as control them. The MBean represents a resource running in the JVM, such as an application. They can be used for collecting statistics like performance, resource usage, problems, and so on.

A common tool used to monitor a JVM is JConsole. JConsole is a free graphical monitoring tool used to monitor JVMs, which can be found here:

JConsole is not necessary to use the JMX component monitor within SolarWinds SAM, server monitoring. The information provided here concerning JConsole is an introduction to using Java as a means of monitoring. Detailed information on how to use JConsole can be found by navigating to the following link: JMX in SAM, server performance monitoring tool. So now you are a expert in server performance monitoring.

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